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3 Ways to Get the Highest R&D Tax Credit

Startups should always strive to be innovative and affordable. Unfortunately, they don’t always succeed, as a CB Insights survey notes that 29 percent of startups fail because of cash-flow issues. For tech entrepreneurs who want to break into an established industry — or just start a business — research and development (R&D) tax credits are a great way to decrease taxes and increase cash flow.

Find a First Salesperson With Plenty of Grit

That first salesperson can be a tough one to tie down. Do you zero in on the high-falutin, well-experienced, pricey VP of sales, or do you take a shot at someone who can roll with all the unpredictability and minutiae that comes with a new startup?


How can a company incentivize employees without running out of money or dramatically altering its business model?

How to Build Your Network in Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is saturated with formidable tech startups. The tech hub has attracted investors, built a thriving community, and spawned innovative concepts and ideas popular around the world. As competitive an environment as it is, startup disruption also fosters support structures for founders and improves the local economy.

Why You Must Build a Strong Financial Infrastructure

David Ehrenberg talks about the benefits of an early stage startup outsourcing their financial services rather than trying to do it in house and what they should be looking for in identifying the right company to hire. We talk about some of the biggest mistakes startups are making with their finance and accounting protocols as well as how David’s firm helps to prepare them to look appealing to a potential investment partner.

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