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3 Steps to Help You Understand 1099s and When to File Them

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, there’s one number businesses are just as concerned with as the one occupying the bottom line: 1099. Companies are gearing up for the annual filing of these documents, but it shouldn’t be too daunting a task for shops that stayed in front of their record-keeping all year. Basically, companies must issue a Form 1099 to vendors or subcontractors that have earned $600 or more during the year.

4 Accounting Musts for SaaS Startups

Cloud-computing taxation is a complicated issue. Laws and regulations vary not only across national borders, but also across state lines. While there are handy primers available, wrapping your head around all the sales and use tax cases can be a real struggle.

Connecting Your Startup With Others to Help Your Business Grow

Blink and you might miss an added wrinkle to the startup game. Any number of factors contributes to its evolution, but there will always be one constant: the spirit of competition.

Build From the Top Down: How a Strong Board Can Influence Your Business

You likely don’t have the experience or knowledge to go it alone (and that’s OK!), so this is where a solid board of directors’ counsel can be invaluable. Just like your personal support group did all those years leading up to your college education, an experienced board can have your company’s short- and long-term best interests at heart.

Funding Your Startup: Expert Advice on Crowdfunding, Angel Investing, and Traditional Loans

Big ideas don’t prosper on their own. If you want to build a startup that stands the test of time, you’ll need more than a smart idea and a solid work ethic: you will also need adequate funding. Whether you’re hoping to be the next YouTube or buy a food truck, this guide offers insider tips on financing that can help you get your startup up and running.

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