15 Noteworthy Acquisitions in 2018

15 Noteworthy Acquisitions in 2018

The extremes of the entrepreneurial spectrum can be described as those who are deeply passionate about a single mission, and those who are serial entrepreneurs. This latter group is viewed as having less personal connection to any individual business idea, simply seeking interesting “white space” in the market, and may even start their company with the sole intention of selling it to an industry leader. 

Wherever you reside on the spectrum, building a company that is sellable is key – because If it’s sellable, it’s also investable. Even the most emotionally attached founder understands that being acquired is a victory. If you haven’t considered acquisitions as a part of your exit strategy, 2019 is the time work on this.  

Let these noteworthy acquisitions from 2018 serve as inspiration for your own strategic planning and check out the resources listed at the end of this blog to accelerate your thinking.  

Largest acquisitions  

According to Deloitte’s annual mergers and acquisitions survey, 2018 was tracking to be the biggest year for quantity of transactions and overall deal size over the past 40 years. These were the six largest transactions announced in 2018: 

Companies founded by women and people of color   

There is a lot of work to do to close investment gaps for women and founders of color, and the same is true in the acquisitions arena. Here are some notable companies founded by women and POC were acquired in 2018. 

Artificial intelligence companies  

Other cloud-based companies 


Learn more about startup acquisitions:  

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