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409a Fair Market Value Analysis for Startups

The IRS requires Fair Market Value analysis in conjunction with stock option grants. How do you know if you’re ready? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it’s time to contact Early Growth Financial Services for a 409a valuation:

– Are you trying to value the common stock of a company?
– Do you plan to issue stock options and set your strike price?
– Have you raised a new round of funding since your last grant date?
– Have you had a material event (e.g. coming from seed stage to series A)?
– Are you looking to sell IP from one company to another?
– Has it been 12 months since your last 409a?

Startup valuation services include:

– Series Seed 409A valuation
– Series A
– Series B
– Series C
– 123R calculation
– Stock option management
– Private stock donation
– DCF needed
– Future financing needs to be modeled

For 409a valuations—and all of our valuation services—we promise:

– Quick and easy introduction and onboarding
– 10 business day turnaround, with free revisions
– Exhaustive, AICPA-compliant valuations that withstand Big 4 and acquisition scrutiny
– Seamless transfer of your financials into the valuation process
– Draft released prior to final to ensure all questions are addressed
– Secure, painless online diligence and document transfer
– Complimentary audit support, if needed

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