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We share a common goal… we help startups accelerate & grow. Our CFOs can be the strategic advantage your companies need.

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CFOs When You Need Them

At Early Growth, whether it’s monthly accounting & financial reporting, financial modeling & forecasting, investor pitch preparation & due diligence, or investor introductions, our team of CFO’s, with decades of startup experience, are able to turn the Finance function into a strategic advantage for your portfolio companies… just when they need it most, but long before they could ever afford to bring that caliber of CFO on their team full-time.

Accelerators We've Worked With

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How It Works

We will design a curriculum specifically for you to provide education from, access to, and engagement with our CFO’s.  It consists of 3 elements for your companies.
An Early Growth CFO will lead a two-hour workshop. The workshop will include a one-hour presentation and one-hour Q&A over Zoom.

Subjects Include:
- Startup Fundraising 101
- Startup Accounting Essentials
- How To Build A Financial Plan That Investors Will Love
- Creating A Winning Pitch Deck
- Opening Operations In The U.S.
Office Hours
An Early Growth CFO will be available for 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the program.

These financial sessions typically take place during the program and focus on finance & accounting issues like financial models, pitch decks, etc.

The sessions toward the end of the program will focus on individual assessments of fundraising docs, strategy and more.
If they choose to engage us, significant service discounts are available during and after your program.

Program Participants (12 months during & after program)
- 30% discount on CFO & Accounting services during program
- 15% discount on CFO & Accounting services after program
- Taxes & 409A Valuations: $500 off first return/valuation

Alumni (during first year with Early Growth)
- $10/hr. off of Sr. Accountant rates
- $25/hr. off of CFO rates
- Taxes & 409A Valuations: $500 off first return/valuation
Who We Help
For over 10 years Early Growth has helped thousands of startups.

From your first round of funding to your exit, we’re there every step of the way.
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What We Do
Early Growth is the largest national firm in the venture capital space
finance and accounting
Finance & Accounting
An experienced financial team providing monthly accounting for founders who want to get back to focusing on their business.
Domestic & international tax compliance, including income & sales taxes and R&D credit studies.
Equity Management
Equity Management
409a Valuations and Cap Table Management solutions to manage your equity & stock options.
Fund Accounting
Fund Accounting
Helping GPs address monthly accounting, reporting, deal management, and LP communication.

To learn more, please reach out at or 415-234-3437