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Case Study: Joinesty

Posted by Early Growth

February 28, 2018    |     3-minute read (568 words)

You buy a throw pillow online and sign up for an account to save 10% on your purchase. Days later, the retailer is hacked, and your email address is compromised. You have other accounts associated with that same email address, which then become compromised as well: Your Twitter is hijacked, your Instagram disappears, your iPhone photos are erased, your credit cards are maxed out, your personal and business bank accounts are drained, and now your sensitive personal information is for sale on the dark web. 

Your email address is perhaps the most personally identifiable thing you give out online, and everywhere you give it out adds to a daisy chain of vulnerabilities. Joinesty eliminates that daisy chain of vulnerabilities. It's a cyber-security and account management solution that secures your personal information, manages your passwords, and cleans up your inbox. 

Here are some of the highlights of what Joinesty offers:

  • Creates unlimited pass-through emails and passwords in real-time to anonymize your personal information, preventing hackers from accessing your data for any of your online accounts;
  • Enables one-click email login and password saving with an intuitive web extension;
  • Aggregates emails from subscriptions and delivers a daily summary, dramatically reducing inbox clutter.
Their most enthusiastic users are people who recognize the importance of security and privacy and those who are vigilant in protecting their data and accounts.  One of Joinesty’s customers, a major German financial institution, recognizes this need and worked with Joinesty to build a white label portal using Joinesty’s cyber-security and privacy products and tools that they can distribute to their millions of customers.

Working with Early Growth Financial Services

In their early stages, Joinesty was referred to Early Growth Financial Services by Cooley, LLP, an entrepreneurially focused law firm headquartered in Palo Alto. Steve Yoskowitz, co-founder and CFO says, "From the beginning, Early Growth Financial Services was spectacular to work with. They understand the dynamics of startups. Rob Loewer, our outside CFO, is exceedingly professional and has a great background. Rob has offered us tactical, operational, and procedural advice that allowed us to develop a cohesive financial narrative, an innovative strategic plan, and execute upon our operational objectives."

That is high praise, indeed, from Steve, who has significant experience managing people and processes while working in the mission-critical environment of intelligence at the Department of Defense.

Besides CFO duties that offer oversight and strategy, Early Growth provides day-to-day bookkeeping services that position Joinesty for long-term stability and success. "In addition to giving us things that are crucial to our financial success, EGFS has been an instrumental strategic partner in our overall success. Rob's introductions to key people, ranging from intellectual property law firms to fundraising sources and other resources, have been integral in achieving our milestones."

Early Growth's Robert Loewer says, "It's great working with Joinesty. It's terrific working with people who really understand the context and ecosystem of their business and how to employ the right strategy and resources for it. It's the perfect confluence of skills and talent." 

Ready to protect your accounts, data, and information? Sign up with Joinesty now! 

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