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How Startup & Tech Companies Help Create A Sustainable World?

Posted by Early Growth

October 10, 2018    |     3-minute read (540 words)

As our global population continues to increase, so does the need to develop more sustainable practices in many industries. A population that has habitually over-farmed, over-fished, and over-consumed is now charged with correcting our course, conserving and protecting so that we don’t deplete our resources. 

The UN set several sustainable development goals in 2015 as global calls to action to promote prosperity while protecting the planet; overarching objectives of the goals include promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production and managing natural resources.  

Here at Early Growth Financial Services, we’re lucky to have some amazing companies that focus on developing sustainable agriculture and building sustainable infrastructure, addressing a range of needs economically and environmentally. Those clients tend to specialize in three industries: agriculture, energy, and water.  


We keep coming back to ag in our posts! We’ll remind you that the UN has projected that crop yield will need to at least double by 205 to feed our growing population, though we’re already using most of the world’s farmable land.  

We recently published a case study about our client Crop Enhancement. Its CropCoat product is a thin, non-toxic, biodegradable film that protects plants from disease and pests. Because it withstands harsh environments, farmers don’t have to reapply after heavy rains or winds. CropCoat helps crop yield more food, increasing farmers’ profits.  

Of the food farms do produce, some of it is cosmetically imperfect—strange protrusions on tomatoes, lopsided squashes, etc. Consumers still prefer aesthetically conforming produce, so much of that ugly food goes to waste. Full Harvest Technologies works to create a world with no food waste and 100% full harvests (meaning all edible produce grown goes toward consumption) by matching food and beverage companies with farmers who have imperfect and surplus produce.  


Aurora Solar, a solar design software company, aims to advance the growth of solar energy by streamlining design and financial analysis tools. Solar sales, design, and commissioning can take several months. Aurora enables solar professionals to design and sell an optimal solar project in minutes.  



As consumers demand more transparency in service providers, solutions emerge that not only deliver data, but also education. Dropcountr modernizes water providers with data-powered customer engagement. It streamlines communication, increases satisfaction by allowing customers to manage water use and their bill, and educates consumers on how to conserve water and save money.  

Imagine H20 is a nonprofit organization focused on developing and deploying innovation to solve global water challenges. Its innovation accelerator provides entrepreneurs with the resources needed to launch and scale water solutions.  Imagine H20 fosters entrepreneurship in data & analytics, scarcity & safety, monitoring & treatment, water efficiency, and utility operations.  

EGFS is proud of our clients who are working to leave our world better than they found it. We are excited to partner with them as they grow their own businesses sustainably and successfully. Our relationships we have with them encourage us that we are learning how to do better work--together.  

Schedule a complementary consultation with us to grow your business with our financial guidance and strategic relationship building. 

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