Commercial Leases: Read the Fine Print Before You Sign

Guest post contributed by Tricia Meyer, Managing Attorney at Meyer Law. Making the big leap from your home or co-working space? Need a change of scenery? Moving into your own, brand new office digs? The following are a few things to consider when looking over your new lease.

The length and terms of your lease

How to Protect Your Startup IP

Not protecting your business’ IP or unwittingly infringing someone else’s can be a really costly unforced error. This week Allonn Levy of Hopkins & Carley and Glenn McCrae, EGFS’ Strategy Officer, gave a webinar on how to avoid the biggest mistakes startups make with IP. Get the download here and read below for the top 5 mistakes, advice and tips on how to address issues before they blow up,...

Protect Your Startup From The 5 Most Common Employment Law Risks

Why worry about employment law risks when you have enough things to focus on: building your team, getting traction, and lining up funding? Well, as the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Spending some time making sure you have a handle on these 5 significant, often overlooked, areas of business risk will help to significantly minimize their chance...

Choosing the Best Business Entity for Your Startup

When it comes to selecting the right business entity for your company, there are many options. There’s no one best choice for the type of business entity you legally choose, just the best choice for your particular company based on your goals. To help you choose the best structure for your company, I’ve outlined the most common types of businesses. Use these summaries...

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