Keeping Startups in Compliance with State and Federal Guidelines

As with most things: ignorance is no defense. If you’re running a business, you must know how to continuously maintain compliance, from corporate status to corporate records, through tax compliance and industry-specific regulations. Early Growth Financial Services is the industry leader in compliance and corporate governance for startups.

EGFS works with companies across a broad spectrum of industries and corresponding regulations. Our expert staff will help you navigate the compliance waters – keeping your company in line with state and federal guidelines.

Our startup compliance services include:

– Outside legal interface
– Board of Directors communications
– Funding terms and conditions
– Risk assessment
– Document control testing
– SOX compliance reporting
– Contracts administration
– Policies and procedures
– Fixed assets tracking
– 1099s
– Business licenses
– Incorporation filings

Learn More About Startup Compliance

For an overview of some state and federal laws/regulations, we encourage you to check out the SBA website, or speak with your EGFS representative for more information.

Have a one-time project coming up that could use in-depth analysis and feedback on proper compliance? We provide CFO consulting services on a project basis.

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