Early Growth
September 27, 2018

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For the fourth consecutive year, Early Growth Financial Services (EGFS) has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America. EGFS provides outsourced financial services including accounting, tax, CFO consulting, strategic finance, and valuation services to small and mid-sized businesses nationwide.

Enjoying 97% growth over the last three years, EGFS is ranked #3774 nationwide and 40th among companies headquartered in the San Jose metro area. More than 700 California-based companies made the 2018 list.

Small businesses work with EGFS to allow their leadership to focus on setting strategy and running the business, instead of letting detailed financial work demand their scarce and precious time. EGFS offers an efficient solution that frees up bandwidth, adds value to companies’ processes, and allows leaders to stay up on top of all the financial aspects. Accounting keeps the books updated and at GAAP standards, the tax team makes sure taxes are filed correctly and on-time, and experienced startup CFOs provide timely, targeted counsel to help leaders grow their companies, attract investment, and make good financial decisions.

CEO David Ehrenberg says, “Clients frequently come to us after having tried to manage their accounting on their own. Their pain points often center around setting up a cash management system, cleaning up and formalizing their accounting, and implementing financial reporting.”

Ehrenberg says, “Early Growth is celebrating our tenth anniversary this year. Since our founding we’ve helped clients build strong financial structures so they can achieve their goals, and we’re excited to bring our impact to new markets as we grow too. We’re proud of the ecosystems we build to serve growing startups. EGFS is honored to be recognized for a fourth time.”

See EGFS’s entry on the 2018 list and explore the entire list at Inc.com.

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Early Growth
September 27, 2018