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How has the pandemic affected your business?

What are the ways your business has pivoted, if at all, from inception?

Do you anticipate any future pivots because of Covid-19?

These are all questions founders are asking themselves during these unprecedented times. We’ll be interviewing a panel of pre-seed and seed founders to discuss these topics and provide feedback on how to best approach your startup in the midst of a pandemic.

The panel will be moderated by ––a woman and minority-owned and operated business law firm supporting emerging companies and small businesses in areas such as business formation, contract review, fundraising, compliance, HR, and litigation matters including contractual disputes, employment, and insurance.

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David Chan, CEO, IntelleXt

David is the CEO of IntelleXt, Inc. a Bay Area-based technology company that is launching an Intelligent Negotiation Platform™ to solve the inefficiencies and sub-optimization of the negotiation process inherent in current contracting processes.

David has held senior and executive roles in sales, alliances, marketing and business development at Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Proofpoint and two venture-funded enterprise start-up companies.

During his career, David has negotiated thousands of complex contracts, particularly in corporate alliances and partnerships, and has operated internationally in North America, Asia, and Europe. David graduated summa cum laude from St. Mary’s College with a BA in Management.

Breanna Tomasello, CEO & Founder, Luv Snacks Inc.

Breanna Tomasello Breanna Tomasello began Luv Snacks Inc. in 2018 with a desire to create a healthy and innovative selection of convenient snack options.

Prior to starting Luv Snacks, she owned her own catering and meal delivery service for 5+ years, servicing anyone from large corporate companies such as Tesla and IBM to NFL camps and busy families. Breanna developed a creative space and love for creating healthy options in the kitchen. She has a passion for not only developing innovative products with clean ingredients but running a business as well. She enjoys the hurdles and successes of entrepreneurship and maintains success with grit and a love for her products.

It was here at her catering company where Breanna developed a selection of healthy snacks and desserts to accompany the meals. Our Collagen Oats, specifically, were a hit with our customers. With the partnership of Dave Spitz (the owner of the NFL camp), Luv Snacks was born and set out to create a line of innovative collagen-infused snacks on a national level. After two years of product testing, Luv Snacks officially launched public to customers and retailers March 2nd of this year, we are in 40 local retailers and have confirmations of being launched in Whole Foods and Sprouts of April 2021. We have intentions of being in 1,000 retailers by the end of 2021 and continuing to be a creative space in the natural foods category with adding new products regularly. Luv Snacks is set to remain a woman-owned and primarily woman-operated company within the Napa Valley.

Sven Brunner, CEO & Founder, holo|one

Sven is the founder and CEO of holo|one, a Mixed Reality enterprise software company offering sphere – the award-winning productivity & knowledge sharing application.

Sven has been working in software development for several years including a position as Software Engineer at Disney Research and ETH Zurich. In his role as PM, he oversaw various engineering and integration projects for companies like the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) or V-Zug.

Prior to starting holo|one, Sven has studied business informatics at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – globally ranked within the top 10 Universities for Computer Science. Thereby, he could hone both a keen sense for business and a profound knowledge in software engineering and architecture. Furthermore, Sven was honored with the Swiss National Bank’s Economics Award.

Phil Wennker, Co-Founder, Mnemonic AI

Phil_WennkerPhil Wennker is co-founder and Lead AI engineer at Mnemonic AI, a San Francisco based start-up working on AI-generated psychographics. Previously he co-founded Deep Data Analytics and led award-winning research initiatives on Natural Language Processing in the European Union.
While attending Medical School at Ruhr University Bochum, on track becoming a neurosurgeon, Phil fell in love with statistical modeling and learning. Never looking back at a career in medicine, he spent several years handcrafting boutique Machine Learning models to help organizations leverage insights from data. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on data science, not-so-frequent lecturer at universities both in the US and in Germany, and seldom author.

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