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Please join our virtual round table educational session R&D Tax Credits: How to Lower Your Operating Costs; during times of COVID 19.

At this session, you can learn and ask questions with our expert, Anjum Tunuli, Chief Tax Officer and Leader of R&D Tax Credits from Early Growth Financial Services. Anjum will outline the activities and qualifications of the Research & Development credit to help you discover the advantages of federal and state R&D tax credits. The R&D tax credit impact can significantly reduce tax liabilities and offset operating costs during times of COVID-19.

Key topics we’ll cover include:
• Which research and development activities qualify for your company
• Impact on your business
• Steps for claiming the credit
• Methods for, and benefits of, reducing tax liabilities

With Research & Development Tax Credits. Under this program, you could be entitled to a dollar for dollar credit for a percentage of your eligible R&D spend, which based on the tax guidelines can be quite broad. Over $13 Billion a year in credits are taking by small and medium-sized companies like yours. We look forward to helping you fully understand the impact these credits can have on your cash flow.

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Anjum Tunuli, Chief Tax Officer

Anjum Early Growth

Anjum is an accomplished tax executive, with a breadth of experience in domestic, multi-state, and foreign tax issues, with over 17 years of experience in tax compliance, audit, research, and tax planning activities within public accounting firms.

He has worked with thousands of startups in over 30 countries from inception through the eventual sale of a company.