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A brand-new, founder-focused digital conference for entrepreneurs and the companies that support them.


Talks img gifWhat is Founders Summit?
A highly focused one day program open only to startup founders, their c-suite executive teams, and idea-stage entrepreneurs, to access the education, tools and networks that will help them become better, more successful business people.


Curated Content
The conference will feature educational sessions presented by successful founders, academics, business professionals and more.
Sessions will address topics identified by founders as most important to the growth and success of their businesses, including fundraising, staff recruitment and retention, infrastructure development, innovation and change management, marketing and sales, business analytics, time management, and much more.


Talks img09Unbelievable Access
At the conclusion of their session, each speaker will be available for live question and answer follow-ups. So you’ll have the chance for live video chat discussions to make sure your questions are answered and your needs are met. It’s like getting instant business advice directly from some of the most successful minds in the field.


High Value Networking – From Wherever You Are
Using a custom-designed interface TechDay Founders Summit will let you network, mingle and connect with your peers at the event. You’ll be able to chat with anyone via private or group text, and even have live video chat with anyone you meet. You can exchange contact information, social media profiles, virtual business cards, and more. You may not be able to shake hands, but you will be able to build the kinds of networks so critical to building your business, especially in the wake of the many disruptions so many businesses have had to contend with this year.


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