Hiring? Read These Tips From A Startup Veteran

Hiring? Read These Tips From A Startup Veteran

This guest post by Robert Lopez was originally published on Justworks.

Hiring. It’s one of the most difficult, yet rewarding duties a manager has. I have had the good fortune to have hired over fifty people between my current role at Justworks and previously at Groupon over the last few years. That kind of volume taught me a number of important lessons and gave me insight into questions to ask to determine whether a candidate would be the right fit for an organization. I will divide this post into 1) attributes I look for and 2) questions I ask to determine whether a candidate is a fit for a given role.

Must-Have Attributes

My Go-To Hiring Questions

It’s also important to note that mistakes will be made — as much as you try to weed out the bad ones, it’s inevitable that you will hire somebody who won’t work out. At some point, I’ll write a post on letting go of poor fits, but for now, I’ll leave you with this advice; try to make sure that you identify these as quickly as possible. Ask any good manager — it’s extremely difficult to change people so it’s better to make the tough decision sooner rather than later. Good luck.

Robert Lopez leads sales and business development at Justworks, a technology platform that helps entrepreneurs grow and manage their businesses by offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop approach for self-service payroll, compliance, and benefits (including health insurance, commuter benefits, and 401k).

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