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4 Ways to Stretch Your Startup Dollars When Funding Dries Up

If your company is blessed with enough capital, it can be a smooth, serene Sunday morning drive to success. Find your business cash-strapped, though, and all the bumps and potholes imaginable will flatten your tires and impede your progress.

Treat Investor Meetings Like a Sales Pitch

Any bootstrapping entrepreneur knows fundraising can be a fickle beast sometimes. Whether you’re approaching friends or family, applying for a bank loan, or pitching to venture capitalists, financing your vision takes many forms. And it all comes down to one need: an injection of cash to bring your business to life.

3 Ways to Get the Highest R&D Tax Credit

Startups should always strive to be innovative and affordable. Unfortunately, they don’t always succeed, as a CB Insights survey notes that 29 percent of startups fail because of cash-flow issues. For tech entrepreneurs who want to break into an established industry — or just start a business — research and development (R&D) tax credits are a great way to decrease taxes and increase cash flow.

Find a First Salesperson With Plenty of Grit

That first salesperson can be a tough one to tie down. Do you zero in on the high-falutin, well-experienced, pricey VP of sales, or do you take a shot at someone who can roll with all the unpredictability and minutiae that comes with a new startup?


How can a company incentivize employees without running out of money or dramatically altering its business model?

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