Early Growth
April 16, 2020

Meet the VC is a monthly panel event hosted by Early Growth and its partners. We sit down with a VC to get answers to your questions about fundraising, investment thesis, the current investment climate and more. There is also time for Q&A.

This month’s speaker was Homan Yuen from Fusion Fund.

Watch the replay of this event here:

About Fusion Fund
Helping early-stage technology companies become successful businesses. If you are starting and growing a company that has a unique technical differentiation or barrier in your business model – we are interested!

Our entrepreneurial and technical expertise enables us to provide useful input and support to our portfolio companies, whether it is strategy, team building/organization, fundraising, etc. Fusion Fund is focused on companies based and operating in the US. Our portfolio currently consists of over 50 companies in technology-focused industries. Learn more.

About Homan Yuen
Homan is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who identifies and cultivates new businesses and technologies. He has broad skill sets in business/technical/corporate strategy, international partnerships, business development, product development, manufacturing, R&D, fundraising, and deal structuring. His interests and expertise include innovative markets and technologies, operations and management, culture and leadership, artificial intelligence, connected automotive technologies, mobile products and solutions, energy, semiconductors, and electrical engineering.

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About Early Growth:
For over 10 years, Early Growth has provided early-stage companies CFO Consulting Services, Accounting for Startups, Taxes, and 409a Valuation. We saw a need in the marketplace for a service that would allow founders to still focus on business while building a healthy financial story. Our Outsourced CFO, Outsourced Accounting, and R&D Credits services have helped many companies grow. Learn more.

Early Growth
April 16, 2020