Startup Pitch Decks That Will Get You Funded

Startup Pitch Decks That Will Get You Funded

How do you put together a pitch deck that impresses investors? What goes in one anyway? And how can you make maximum impact when you’re giving the pitch? Marc Phillips, Managing Director at Arafura Ventures, Jim Fulton, Partner at Cooley LLP, and EGFS COO Sirk Roh, covered all that and more in our recent webinar: Startup Pitch Decks That Work. If you missed the webinar, here’s my slide-by-slide take of the highlights.

At the outset

Putting together your deck

Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning Line.Founders

Slide 2: The Problem We Solve

Slide 3: The Solution

Slide 4: The Market Size

Slide 5: The Product/Technology Architecture

Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability Chart

Slide 7: Go To Market/Distribution

Slide 8: Competitor Matrix

Slide 9: Revenue Projections

Slide 10: The Advisors

Slide 11: Use of Funds

Slide 12: Exit Strategy

At the pitch

As you prepare, also keep in mind that while investors don’t expect you to know everything, they are looking to establish your basic trustworthiness. Tell the truth. Honesty and integrity are paramount.

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Deborah Adeyanju is Content Strategist & Social Media Manager at Early Growth Financial Services, an outsourced financial services firm that provides small to mid-sized companies with day-to-day accounting, strategic finance, CFO, tax, and valuation services and support. Deborah is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder with more than a decade of experience as an investment analyst and portfolio manager in New York, London, and Paris.

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