[Webinar] Meet The VC: ​​Laurel Touby of Supernode Ventures

July 13, 2022 | 12:00 AM PDT

Laurel Touby

Laurel Touby

Supernode Ventures

Meet the VC is a monthly event hosted by Early Growth and its partners. Every month, we sit down with a VC to get answers to your questions about fundraising, investment thesis, the current investment climate, and more.

There will be Q&A at the end of the interview, so get your questions ready!

This month’s speaker is Laurel Touby, Managing Partner at Supernode Ventures.

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Laurel Touby of Supernode Ventures

Laurel Touby

Laurel Touby is a former business journalist, exited tech CEO and the founding partner at Supernode Ventures.

Supernode Ventures is focused on pre-seed/seed stage tech startups across sectors ranging from FinTech and Healthcare to eCommerce and Supply Chain tech. With 15,000+ network connections, Laurel and her team source promising companies on the cusp of hypergrowth. Supernode’s portfolio companies include: Braze (IPOd in 2021), Electric.ai, Credijusto, DeepScribe.ai, Habi.co, Levels Health, New Age Meats and others.

Prior to Supernode Ventures, Laurel founded mediabistro.com, an online pioneer that revolutionized the way people in the media industry do business, connect and communicate. A former business journalist, Laurel remains actively engaged with the media via her popular Tech Media Dinner & Discussion events. She is a sought- after public speaker and hosted her own tech show, “Secrets of Successful Startups“ on CBS Interactive. Following the sale of mediabistro.com, Laurel began angel investing before starting her fund.

No founder can question the value-added of being a Supernode Ventures portfolio company. An inveterate connector, Laurel dips into the network daily to connect portfolio CEOs with potential customers, co-investors and media.

Knowing Laurel also means being connected to your peers in new and interesting ways, whether you are a Tech CEO (Cereal Entrepreneurs breakfasts), investor (VC Potluck Deal Dinners), tech journalist (Tech Media Dinners), or a potential customer for Supernode’s portfolio companies (CMO/CTO/CIO Dinner events). In this way, Supernode Ventures remains always tapped into an amazing deal flow.

Laurel lives in a loft in the heart of Silicon Alley and is married to Jon Fine, book author and former Editor in Chief of Inc. Magazine.

super node

Founded by Laurel Touby, a successful entrepreneur, Supernode Ventures is a pre-series venture fund with a network of over 50 founders, CEOs, and executive-level professionals who come together to support entrepreneurs and invest in companies. The network members are seasoned founders and investors from a wide array of backgrounds, including fintech, software, digital media, family offices, SaaS companies, hedge funds, and other domains.

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