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Founders who need expert accounting for startups and seasoned financial guidance, regardless of stage, industry or project scope.

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For over 10 years Early Growth has helped thousands of startups.

From your first round of funding to your exit, we’re there every step of the way.
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Early Growth Is There To Guide The Way
pre-seed accounting for startups
You're just getting started, but that's the best time to build a solid foundation. Although you might be pre-revenue, the government still requires that you file tax returns and make other filings. And though you're probably not earning, chances are that you're raising funds and spending money. Get it right the first time around.

Early Growth can help with:
- Taxes
- Financial Modeling & Budgeting
- Fundraising Support
seed accounting for startups
Seed Stage
Ok, so now you've got some money in the bank and you're off to the races. Money is starting to come in, both from investors (thank you Friends & Family) and customers, and the time for DIY finance is in the rearview as you speed forward.

You'll want to make sure the day-to-day is taken care of so you can focus on your business. And with some investors on board, and hopefully more to come, now is the time you need a CFO to help prepare for the future.

Early Growth can help with:
- Day-to-Day Accounting
- Monthly Reporting
- Taxes
- Financial Modeling & Budgeting
- Fundraising Support & Due Diligence
series a accounting for startups
Series A
Now we're cooking! But you've probably also learned an important lesson about growing a company... things don't get easier with more money, they get more complicated and move much faster. You're trying to expand into new markets, develop your product, build your team, and do a thousand other things.

The one thing that is easy to see is that you need help! Having a strategic partner in your finance function can really pay dividends now.

Early Growth can help with:
- Day-to-Day Accounting
- Billing & Invoicing
- Monthly Reporting
- Taxes
- Financial Modeling & Budgeting
- Fundraising Support & Due Diligence
- Board Presentations
series b accounting for startups
Series B & Beyond
You've hit your stride, and this idea that you had a few years ago has turned into a real business. You've got customers, and maybe employees & investors, all around the world. And, if you're good enough and lucky enough, you might have an opportunity to grow your business through acquisition or exit it through a sale or IPO. Yep, this just got real... really complicated.

You might be thinking that you have the resources to tackle these challenges on your own, but you don't have to. Our CFOs have over 25 years of experience, and have worked with startups from inception through exit.

Early Growth can help with:
- Day-to-Day Accounting
- Billing & Invoicing
- Monthly Reporting
- Taxes
- Financial Modeling & Budgeting
- Fundraising Support & Due Diligence
- Board Presentations
- M&A Transaction Support
- IPO Preparation

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Founder Mentorship Black Founder Mentorship

For years we’ve taken actions to put a stop to the racial inequities in our world, but at a time when “enough is enough”, what we were doing wasn’t enough. The following is our updated action plan:

- Community Support: For the last several years Early Growth has supported organizations focused on working with minority founders. Annually, we have sponsored the African American Entrepreneur party at South by Southwest, sponsored Cross Culture Ventures (now MaC Venture Capital) to help Black founders seeking funding, and we have hosted over a dozen events around minority entrepreneurs over the years. We will continue to support these organizations, and we will be adding at least one new organization to list, Global Eye Entrepreneurs.

- Hiring Practices: We value diversity. Our goal has always been to have a team that reflects the population in terms of both race and gender, at all levels of our organization. We’ve done well, but we know we can do better. As a result, we’re changing our hiring practices. Actively seeking out African American candidates via colleges that are inclusive of minority candidates, as well as opening up our recruiting efforts in more diverse cities and states, we will expand the reach of our recruiting to be more inclusive of all races, genders and ethnicities.

Early Growth has been instrumental in our success. We’d be lost without them.

When we had a small team and a small workload, we were self-managing, but then we began taking orders and adding new operating costs. It was evident that we needed to bring on a financial team.
—Andrew Ochoa, CEO of Waverly Labs

We're There For You

Wherever you're located & whatever industry you're in, chances are we've got experience
Early Growth is the largest national firm in the venture capital space. There's a good reason we've been a member of the Inc. Magazine's "Most Successful Companies in America" for 5 years now.

We've got CFOs and Accountants across the country, and clients from almost every state. Regardless of your location, we've got the people and processes to be able to serve you.
Maybe you're an international company expanding to the U.S. market. If so, you will likely trigger all types of tax requirements, from income taxes to payroll taxes, and perhaps most commonly, sales & local taxes.

Or maybe you're coming to the U.S. to raise capital. If so, you'll want a partner on your team who can help you meet and pitch U.S. investors, with financials that they understand and trust.

With clients from all corners of the globe and in over 40 countries, we are an international firm. Our tax professionals are experienced in making the move to the U.S. smooth and uneventful, and our CFOs have experience raising billions of dollars (yes, that's billions with a B) of investment capital.
Innovation is always forcing established industries and sectors to evolve. We have assembled the top team of financial professionals that understand how startups work in a multitude of industries that are evolving on a continuous basis.

Over 10 years ago we got our start in CleanTech, but thousands of clients later we have experience and expertise is just about any industry you can imagine. Fill in the blank... ____Tech, and we've been there. FinTech? Check. BioTech? Check. FrontierTech? Check. And it's not just tech either. From Retail to Cannabis to Pet Services, we've got them all covered.

Whether you are turning an established industry on its head, or forging a completely new path, Early Growth has the leadership and financial acumen that any startup needs to stay ahead of the pack.
We know accounting for startups
"I would definitely recommend Early Growth to any startups or early stage companies.

You get a team that is experienced working with startups, understands your pain points and understands the growth you're looking for and can help you get there."

- Nanxi Liu, Enplug
Nanxi's team Nanxi's team
What We Do
Early Growth is the largest national firm in the venture capital space
Finance & Accounting
Finance & Accounting
An experienced financial team providing monthly accounting for founders who want to get back to focusing on their business.
Domestic & international tax compliance, including income & sales taxes and R&D credit studies.
Equity Management
Equity Management
409A Valuations and Cap Table Management solutions to manage your equity & stock options.
Fund Accounting
Fund Accounting
Helping GPs address monthly accounting, reporting, deal management, and LP communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, interim CFO consulting services are at the core of our business. Our temporary CFO services are provided by experts who join your internal team for as long as your company needs. Interim CFO services can help guide your company through changes, a financial crisis, or simply fill in the gap between a departing CFO and a new CFO coming in.

To get in touch with a CFO, fill out our contact form here.

We’ve worked with early-stage startups since the beginning. Because of our years of experience, we can also support later-stage companies and significant transitions such as mergers and acquisitions. Regardless of the stage your company is in, we can provide startup CFO services, SME CFO services, and larger-stage company CFO services.

Not at all. We can work with you no matter where your company is based. We have team members across the country that understand how different ecosystems operate. Our main markets are in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, and Chicago.

Early Growth CFOs become part of your team from day one. Our CFO consultants take a deep look into your financials and create strategies to get you results. Whether you’re preparing to raise funding or need someone to handle the day-to-day, a CFO consultant from Early Growth is ready to help. Learn more about why thousands of startups choose Early Growth CFO professional services as their partner in finance here.

CFO consulting services manage the financial part of your company. CFO accounting will track and manage profits, cash flow, investments (especially crucial for startups looking to raise funding from private equity), and the overall capital structure. Our experts are top-of-the-line professionals who can evaluate reports to provide information on your company’s financial health. 

CFO consultants report to CEOs who can use the findings to make responsible, educated decisions to maximize profits and minimize losses. 

CFO consulting services are used to advise a company on financial aspects including:

  • Budgets
  • Inventory
  • Trends
  • Board related data
  • Investor related data
  • Auditing

To understand the benefits of CFO consulting services, it is critical to understand the responsibilities of CFO consultants in detail. 

Our experts are active in the following three categories:

  • Risk management and financial reporting
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Strategy and development

Risk Management and Financial Reporting

Early Growth CFO experts can help your company protect its assets by evaluating and managing financial risks. Using our professional experience, you are able to optimize debt mixing and the financing needed for your company to achieve its goals. 

Efficiency in Operations

Whether you are operating a startup where you have to be involved in every decision to make sure everything is being set up correctly, or a larger company that is ready to make changes, grow or even merge, efficiency in your operations is a vital part of the company’s financial health. 

Early Growth’s CFO accounting services will monitor the efficiency of all operations to maximize returns. They will guide your team to develop the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and optimize all internal operations continually. 

Development of Strategy

CFOs are experts in guiding companies to develop long-term strategies to direct them on the right path. Our CFO consultants ensure that your company’s business and financial goals are coordinated.

Our services are essential for:

  • Optimizing profits
  • Reducing costs
  • Guiding your company to take faster, better, and financially educated decisions

When hiring an interim CFO, you should know that any processes and strategies developed while we collaborate are yours to continue using for as long as you need.

To get started, please fill out the form on this page. You will need to fill out a short form with your information, including a summary of your current financial/accounting pain points. This information will be used by our team to assign the best consultant to answer your questions. 

If you still need more information before proceeding you can browse our startup resource materials.