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Yes, we will. The IRS requires Fair Market Value analysis in conjunction with stock option grants. If you plan to issue stock options and set your strike price, raised a new round of funding since your last grant date or your last 409a valuation was more than 12 months ago, you need a new valuation. The 409a valuation includes: Series Seed to C 409A valuation, 123R calculation, Stock option management, Private stock donation, DCF needed, and future financing needs to be modeled.

As a business owner, you may be familiar with the term cap table, AKA capitalization table, without knowing much about it. A cap table is a table or spreadsheet that contains all the percentages of ownership, equity dilution and the value of equity that your business has issued to investors, founders and other owners.

Cap tables can get complicated very quickly. But keeping a well-maintained cap table can help you attract investment and prevent diluting your stake. Having a CFO for cap table management will give you timely reporting, transparency and real-time summarizations. Trying to manage this yourself can lead to inaccurate valuations and future headaches.