We offer several tax services for startups. From preparing business tax returns to R&D credit calculation, our CFOs are here to get you on the right track. Every year, many startups miss the opportunity to maximize their profits by poorly preparing their taxes or not filing at all. Our expert team of CFOs has helped gain thousands of dollars for business owners to put back into their company as well as removing the anxiety of taxes for startups.

We’ve worked with early-stage startups since the beginning. Because of our years of experience, we can also support later-stage companies and significant transitions such as mergers and acquisitions. Many of our CFOs have worked at startups. They can tell you want to look out for and how to maneuver. That’s the advantage of working with an outsourced CFO with years of experience.

A win for you is a win for us. Our outsourced CFOs want the best for our founders and making sure that there’s transparency in cash management and burn rate is important. Fundraising takes time and preparation. With our CFOs who are experienced working in the early-stage startups, having them on your team will allow you to walk into any pitch meeting with confidence.

Most early-stage startups begin with someone who handles the basic accounting, but when you are ready to grow and scale, having a CFO on your team is important. Early Growth’s outsourced CFOs will bring years of experience and expertise working in the startup ecosystem, their network, insight and guidance. Early Growth is the perfect solution for early-stage companies who aren’t quite ready to hire a full-time CFO, but they need someone who has years of experience. Our goal is to help you grow to the next level of your company whether that means expanding your team, improving your product or raising a round of funding. We can help you.