– Corporate tax returns


– Individual tax returns


– Changing business entity (ex: L.L.C. to C-Corp)


– Quarterly estimated tax payments


– Extension vouchers


– Foreign filings


– State and local tax consulting


– International tax consulting


– Transaction services (M&A support)


– Changes in accounting methods


– Nexus analysis


– State tax credits


– R&D credit calculation


– Tax examination representation


– ASC 740 (FAS 109) Tax Provision Services

Effective planning and management of your Tax will not just help to ensure the smooth running of your business but also ensure compliance with government rules. However, keeping tabs with the latest tax rules while filing your taxes can be very complicated and time-consuming. Hence, the need for a professional Tax Planning & Management Expert. With the above problem in mind, EGFS is proud to offer its Tax Planning & Management Service. Our Tax Planning & Management service provides you access to a network of experienced tax managers committed to helping you plan, file, and manages your taxes while allowing you concentrate on the business side of your organization. A team of experienced financial experts and tax managers, we have taken the time to study and understand all tax laws while keeping tabs with the latest changes to ensure our clients remain on the right side of the law. Servicing venture-backed startups, EG boasts the needed know-how and experience to deliver optimal tax management service. We’ll relieve you of the stress involved with company taxes to enable you to focus your talent on where its most effective- your customers.