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3 Tips to Help You Be Pitch Perfect

Estimates and optimism will only get you so far. Having the cold, hard data to back it up is what pushes your startup pitch over the top for potential investors. Anyone can pitch a product well; highlighting the company around it is what investors are looking for and can be the deciding factor to get you the funding you need.

A Potential Investor Says 'No' To Your Startup -- Now What?

There are of course multiple reasons why an investor says no. Your offering may not align with their investment thesis. It could be that you are entering a saturated market. In the end, it could just be that they don’t believe in your idea. It happens. Don’t panic. Rather, prepare for this very scenario. Take these thoughts into account before entering every big meeting.

3 Ways Structure Can Take Your Tech Startup To New Heights

Startup stardom is the new American Dream. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen for everyone. Fifty percent of all startups flame out after four years. Forty-six percent of those cases fall short due to issues of “incompetence,” which can allude to any type of structural snafu. To become part of the surviving half, use these methods to ensure your startup’s structure stands strong.

IdeaMensch Presents: David Ehrenberg

IdeaMensch sits down with Early Growth Financial Services CEO David Ehrenberg to discuss the beginnings of EGFS, bringing ideas to life, upcoming trends, proper planning and more...

6 Tips for Improving Your Startup Valuation

For business owners, startup valuation is a topic that causes lots of angst, raises tons of questions and definitely gets the emotions blazing. But let’s take a step back. Why are valuations even important? They are what an investor, acquirer or the public (in an IPO) is willing to pay for your business. They are based on intangibles such as the quality of your founding team, the size of your market opportunity and how hot the space you’re focused on is.

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