Early Growth in New York

Outsourced accounting & CFO services in NYC


We’re global… but we’re local too

New York City may boast the most esteemed theater actors, fresh bagels and a hot slice from any corner. But the city has welcomed entrepreneurs and now is one of the largest startup hubs in the U.S. with more than 9,000 startups. With an ecosystem valued at $71 billion and more than 100 incubators, the city that never sleeps is the perfect home for Early Growth.

Since expanding to New York in 2012, Early Growth has worked right alongside new founders and teams. Whether in Manhattan, Harlem, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx, we’ve grown right along with the businesses we serve making sure they have the connections and tools they need to go further.

We’re always hungry to meet new people at networking events, our monthly panels, conferences and demo days.

Early Growth helps you create the path to reaching your goal with our personalized guidance for each of our clients matched with the expert financial and accounting services we offer.

Our CFOs on average have over 28 years of experience. They’ve worked in startups and with them, so they know what to expect and how to prepare you. Whether its R&D credits or GAAP financials, we’ll make sure you understand the financials of your business without the burden.

We may be global, but we keep our relationships local. Together we grow.

What we do