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We help you make your startup an awesome place to work and grow.

Your employees are your business’ most-valuable asset. Early Growth makes sure you and your employees are set up for success through a full suite of offerings, from sourcing the best talent to compliance, from payroll to benefits. Early Growth takes on the hard work and gives you one call to manage it all. You get time back in your day, and employees are thrilled. Done.

Your HR Partner™

Early Growth gives your employees and you a comprehensive, one-and-done platform. We help you protect them with benefits management oversight and make sure they’re paid on time. We provide the tools and training employees need to be at the top of their game. Just as importantly, we’ll keep you compliant with changing wage and labor laws. We’ll also supply you with thorough, data-driven HR reports. Done.

Recruiting Done™

Pull top talent into your startup with our start-to-finish recruitment services. Our recruiting program is a better alternative to contingent or retained search, which can cost as much as 32% of any employees’ first-year salary. Our recruiting process management and administrative support is delivered at a flat, fixed fee. We work side-by-side with your staff to find the right candidate or own the hiring process to take it completely off your hands. Our experienced recruiting team can draft job descriptions, source candidates, conduct phone screenings, schedule interviews and coordinate travel logistics as needed. All of which save you time and money while also optimizing the fit of your new candidate or candidates. Done.


Our recruiting solutions set you up to get the best hire, quickly. Our team starts by establishing specifics from your hiring managers to create accurate, explicit job descriptions, screening and scoring criteria, interview questions and more.


Our proprietary sourcing capabilities find ideal candidates, whether they’re actively looking for a position or passive job seekers. Our recruiting team builds a strong candidate pipeline by sourcing from select job boards and social media platforms, identifying candidates that otherwise wouldn’t be found.


Let us be the gatekeepers by handling phone screenings, providing initial candidate ratings, and providing you a curated list of prospects ready for the first round of interviews. Your Recruiting Done associate sets up objective scoring criteria, based on the hiring manager’s specifications as to what is important in a candidate and from the requirements listed in the job description. The score is then automatically generated when a candidate fills out an application or when the associate enters information from a resume.

The phone interview or candidate screen determines whether the candidate’s qualifications, experience, workplace preferences and salary needs are congruent with the position and organization. This saves managerial time and further eliminates unlikely candidates. It also strengthens the search, since we are already talking to the best prospects.


Our full-service recruitment support team works with your hiring managers to provide candidate assessment and guidance and will even schedule interviews to move the process steadily forward.


Ready to make an offer? Our veteran hiring team will help you make the best selection, taking into account the candidate’s experience, skill and cultural fit. We can also assist in offer negotiation.

Payroll Done™

Let our payroll management take care of the details of time reporting, taxes/other deductions, direct deposit and more, ensuring your people get paid accurately and on time. Done.

Taxes and Compliance

No more forgotten forms or signatures. We keep track of employee I-9s, W-2s and 1099s, making sure they’re signed and stored appropriately. We also stay on top of changing tax laws, making the needed adjustments and calculations so you never miss a beat.

Deposit Time

All payments are deposited on time and in the correct amount. By automating this simple yet vital task, we make sure there are fewer mistakes and that you spend less time getting your employees their paychecks.

Accounting Integration

We will integrate your payroll with your accounting software to ensure all payroll expenses flow through to your books and are accounted for properly and in a timely manner.

HR Done™

Early Growth’s experienced human resources consulting teams work with you to compile policies, introductions, expectations, onboarding guidance, contact information and more into a go-to guide for your business. We can also create an essential online human resources hub for your employees — benefits enrollment, time reporting, career development resources and more — customized to your evolving business needs. Our human resources consulting professionals will also help bring new employees into their roles and duties and facilitate job changes and exits. Done.

Employee Handbook and HR Policies

Our human resources team will work with you to develop employee handbooks for new and current employees to reference for all things “HR”.


Getting your employees off on the right foot is a big factor in their ongoing productivity. We make sure your first impression is a welcoming one. Our turnkey onboarding system lets you rest easy when it comes to compliance, your onboarding checklist and making sure employees feel welcome.


When you decide to part ways with an employee, the offboarding process can be nearly as important as the onboarding process. We make sure that forms are taken care of, responsibilities are redirected appropriately and exit interviews are conducted when needed so that people part ways on the best terms possible.


Every member of your staff should know and follow all of your company’s policies and procedures starting on day one. This can often be a grueling task for your HR department but we can take it on for you.

Background Checks

You can never be too careful when learning about potential or even existing employees. We provide you with the resources to do thorough background checks so you can make sure you’re working with the person they claim to be.

Employee Relations

Our experienced team of human resource professionals work on your behalf to make sure the relationship between your company and your employees is clear, positive, and productive.

Compensation Benchmarking & Performance Management

Knowing how much to compensate employees is critical in managing profitability and retaining top, valuable talent. That’s never been more true than in today’s hiring environment. Our in-depth compensation rate research gives you the data needed to make sure you’re paying the right people the right amount. We also help provide ongoing performance management so that your employees are delivering at the top of their game.

Benefits Done™

Benefits are a big part of attracting the right talent to your startup. From health insurance to tuition reimbursement, there are a ton of benefits you can provide to make your company more attractive to potential employees. We work with you to craft the benefits package that will make you competitive in the talent marketplace and fit within your budget. Done.

White Glove Employee Benefits Assistance

We build and maintain your online benefits portal as part of our employee benefit management services, so your employees can easily enroll and get answers to their benefits questions.

Deductions Management

Our done-for-you benefits services cover all aspects of employee benefits management, from discovering the best plans for your business to making sure payroll deductions are done accurately.

Carrier Liaison

Our employee benefits solutions can assist your business in processing employee claims, advise you on insurance policy options and ensure that you have the right coverage to protect staff. Plus, we’ll coordinate with your various employee benefits providers and oversee aspects ranging from employee health insurance to life insurance, disability and more.

Our done-for-you benefits management services provide you with the right packages for your business, investment strategies, and more to fit your employees’ needs. We also act as a resource for federal and local insurance and HR compliance laws, making sure your employees are covered in the right way.

Sure Setup™

Missing a beat with your payroll, benefits, or other human resource obligations is not an option. Our Sure Setup ensures all of your people, platforms, and processes are integrated and ready to go at day one.


We review all of your current processes and provide recommendations based on best practices for your industry. We will then help you implement the finalized processes.

Procedure Manual

Once the processes are in place, we’ll help you develop a full procedure manual to ensure smoother HR operations for both your organization and your employees.

Technology Setup

We make sure all of your systems are set up properly and running seamlessly.


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