Early Growth in Los Angeles

Outsourced accounting & CFO services in Los Angeles


We’re global… but we’re local too

Our staff is located from coast to coast, but there are a few places we call home.

Los Angeles has become the home to not just the stars, but entrepreneurs and technology professionals from around the world.

Startups like Snap, Inc., Bird, The Honest Company and The Wing call Los Angeles their home. From Playa Vista to Venice and West Hollywood to Pasadena, there’s a promising and rich ecosystem for any early-stage company.

Since we expanded in 2012, the Early Growth team has gotten to know Los Angeles very well. We’ve enjoyed connecting with the startup community through incubators, networking events, panels and local conferences. We couldn’t be more excited to now see so many industries flourishing because of new ideas, new solutions, and new founders.

We’ve watched emerging companies and founders grow from a small team meeting at a coworking space to raising millions to improving, growing their business.

Early Growth helps you create the path to reaching your goal with our personalized guidance for each of our clients matched with the expert financial and accounting services we offer.

Our CFOs on average have over 28 years of experience. They’ve worked in startups and with them, so they know what to expect and how to prepare you. Whether its R&D credits or GAAP financials, we’ll make sure you understand the financials of your business without the burden.

What we do