Expenses Done™

Unorganized expenses can throw a wrench in your whole operation. Whether it’s bills, expense reports or credit cards, we attend to them in a professional and timely manner. Done.


We deliver accurate and timely payments for all recurring and nonrecurring bills, as well as provide verification and approval of bills from suppliers. We also reconcile them with services/goods receipts and purchase orders.

Our bill-paying services comprise:
Collating all bills that come from service providers and clients.
Keeping a detailed schedule of all payables.
Paying bills manually (check) or electronically.
Storing all bills electronically for easy access.
Delivering client reports on a regular basis.
Providing each client with their own private and secured fax number and email address to send invoices.
Furnishing complete year-end financial reports with assets and liabilities.
Disputing unwarranted charges.

Expense Reporting

Experienced financial accounting services teams manage account payable entries to ensure vendors and suppliers are paid on time. We also keep your balance sheet stays on track and up to date.

Credit Cards

We check your credit card statements to verify all transactions made through your corporate card are accurately reflected on your balance sheet, keeping financials secure.


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