3 Steps to Prepare for a Startup Capital Infusion

3 Steps to Prepare for a Startup Capital Infusion

Before raising startup capital, there are some essential questions that need to be asked, plans that need to be made, and materials that need to be gathered.

Early Growth Financial Services is joining together with Lighter Capital, a lender to early-stage technology companies, to present a webinar on October 24, 2013 from 9-10am on the steps that you need to take to prepare for startup capital.

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In the meantime, here’s an outline to help you to begin to get your ducks in a row.

1. Analyze your business. In order to analyze your business model and the economics of your startup, you need to ask yourself some hard questions around the areas of your financials, your customers, your sales, and your startup team. Specifically:





2. Clarify your fundraising game plan. Okay, you’ve analyzed your business model and now you’re ready for some capital—but what does this money look like and where is it going to come from? Here are some key questions to help you to clarify your fundraising goals.

3. Prepare for due diligence. To prepare for due diligence you need to collect all the necessary documentation. There are many documents that need to be gathered to fulfill this process. Documentation falls into the following categories:

This outline is a good step towards ensuring that you are ready to meet potential investors. But for more information and tips on connecting the dots between being prepared and getting your next investment round, please register for our free webinar.

Are you ready for investment capital? Tell us about it in comments below or attend our free webinar to find out.

David Ehrenberg is the founder and CEO of Early Growth Financial Services, an outsourced financial services firm that provides early-stage companies with accounting, finance, tax, valuation, and corporate governance services and support. He’s a financial expert and startup mentor, whose passion is helping businesses focus on what they do best. Follow David @EarlyGrowthFS.

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