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4 signs you need to take a break from work

Posted by Shivali Anand

December 22, 2021    |     4-minute read (696 words)

Entrepreneurs are known for putting their heads down and toiling long hours, rarely coming up for air, in the pursuit of making their venture successful. But science has repeatedly found that investing more time at work doesn’t necessarily correlate with high productivity. Rather, working long hours with no break impairs efficiency. 

Taking a break has been shown to prevent mental and physical health crises and decision fatigue. Time off can also help you think more clearly, increase creativity and motivation, and enhance mood. 

So, what happens when entrepreneurs spend years working on the same tasks to attain the same result? When do you recognize you need to take a vacation and go on a work detox to refocus and get some wiggle room?

This revelation typically comes too late, when individuals are already sick and bored with the work at hand. When you attempt to pursue your ambition every day, even your biggest passions can become monotonous. 

These four questions can help assess whether it’s time for a break:

  1. Is work bringing you the same happiness and fulfillment, or is it just another duty for you? In other words, has work become monotonous?

  2. Do you still have the most razor-sharp knife in the drawer? This is a hypothetical and introspective question that you should consider. In a startup atmosphere, the fire usually burns brightest in the most devoted individual — the founder. It is wise to take a step back if you think someone else is doing a more outstanding job than you at a specific endeavor.

  3. Do your children still recognize you? For many entrepreneurs, this is the question that makes or kills their business. Working for yourself can often mean sacrificing time with your family. This awareness might make you recognize that taking time off is vital to recharge your business and personal life.

  4. Are you the same person? Working in a high-stress atmosphere tends to affect us in ways we aren't necessarily aware of. You may be overlooking personality changes that others may find distressing. 

What to do about it

Once you’ve determined you need a break, plan accordingly. Start by creating your own mini getaways and ideally, plan a vacation as well. A few options for unplugging include:

Pick up a book

 – Reading a book is one of the most incredible methods to escape job monotony. It can transport your mind to a more open and peaceful state. Reading might be enjoyable, but it also improves your capacity to concentrate. Work out - a jog, a stroll or an intense body workout might help you let go of your worries. It has the potential to benefit your health and mind while also reducing stress.

Pare down work hours

 – Working fewer hours can increase productivity rather than deplete it. Examine your work plan and arrange breaks throughout the day. Taking a stroll after lunch, resting in the break room, playing a game, talking with co-workers and friends, napping (if working from home) or finishing up the day early are all possibilities.

Digital detox

 – To disconnect from work zone during downtime, keep your hands off digital devices. Ignore emails, messages, notifications and social media.

Take a trip

– Relax by traveling to your favorite vacation spot with friends, family or by your lonesome. Retrospection and a reset will clear the clutter in your head.


 – Your brain sometimes needs complete rest. Being an entrepreneur necessitates constant mental stimulation. This can cause mental exhaustion, stifle creativity and negatively influence your business. Turn off your phone, put on some music, and fall asleep. It will benefit your physical and emotional well-being.


 – What's something you’ve been meaning to do for years — taking salsa classes, paragliding, visiting the top 10 restaurants in your city or painting with acrylics? This is the point at which you should start doing it. Experience something new in life to rediscover yourself.


It will help you to periodically just do nothing in order to feel rejuvenated, energized and reinspired. Simply take a big breath and relax. This can help you relax and look forward to your life, allowing you to return to building your business with a fresh outlook.

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