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Case Study – Astro Technology

Posted by Early Growth

March 22, 2018    |     4-minute read (636 words)

An Inbox That Works For You

Have you ever overlooked an email from a potential client or business partner? Or maybe your email client thought it was spam? (You should go check your junk folder after reading this post, especially if it’s been a while.)

Astro Technology

wants your inbox to help you. By leveraging AI, Astro integrates your email and calendar to help you work more efficiently with smart tasks:

  • Reminds you of questions from your unanswered emails, so nothing important gets lost.
  • Keeps track of important emails and lets you know if you haven’t heard back.
  • Identifies emails that contain a time-specific request or due date, so you can follow up on time.
  • Suggests emails to auto-archive and mailing lists to unsubscribe from.
With such innovative features, it’s no surprise that Astro was named 

Mobile App of the Year

 by Product Hunt and has been named in many recent best apps lists, including by

Fast Company






The Wall Street Journal

, and

The Washington Post.

Email You Can Talk To

The embedded assistant, Astrobot, responds to natural voice commands, which means you can catch up on emails whether you’re wrist-deep in pizza dough or ears-deep in a bubble bath.

Astrobot’s natural language processing capabilities allows it to understand a wide range of voice or text commands from users and provides relevant responses based on Astro’s expertise in enterprise communications.

The Email That Learns

Because it’s built on AI, Astro learns which emails are important to you. Likewise, it’ll suggest unsubscribing from the emails you always send to the trash.

Astro’s users

love the smart features of Astrobot

, and they’re vocal in requesting more. Astro’s busy improving the natural language processing so that Astrobot recognizes more commands, and they’ve hired additional AI engineers to increase functionality.

Working with Early Growth Financial Services

Co-founder and CEO Andy Pflaum says, “I knew we needed someone to help manage our finances and accounting, as we couldn’t afford to get these wrong. And this support helped us focus on our core business activities. I also needed someone who’s seen more than just our business—someone who spots trends and patterns from a lot of startups.” 

Astro brought in Early Growth Financial Services when they were relatively new. CFO Raj Sinkar says, “Starting early on with Astro was great, and scaling up with them is a wonderful experience.”

Besides keeping track of spending and making sure finances are on target, Raj thinks through implications and trends, offering a strategic outlook for Astro. “He’s always looking for areas in which we could be saving, and he makes sure we understand the value of the investments we make. On top of all of that, he’s a huge help in shaping how we present ourselves and communicate to our investors.”

Through the CFO services he offers, Raj is regularly evaluating and comparing ROI, identifying and tracking key metrics.

Astro received several recommendations for companies like Early Growth, but they prioritized specialized experience. “We knew we wanted a group of people who were accustomed to working with small and early-stage companies, who didn’t expect us to be a 200-person operation. We needed someone who could not only ease our bookkeeping burden, but also gave us strategic guidance.”

Soon, Astro will begin providing premium services. “This will be a watershed moment for Astro to realize substantial revenue,” says Raj. “We’re all really excited to be a part of the story.”

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