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Case Study: CoinFlip

Posted by Early Growth

March 27, 2019    |     3-minute read (542 words)

With consumers being inundated with loyalty cards, membership programs, and exclusive benefits, searching for the best deal can overwhelming. Keeping track of all the different programs is one thing, but remembering to use them at the time of purchase is another. In fact, an estimated $100 billion in unclaimed rewards are floating around in the ecosystem, representing large pools of potential customer spending.

CoinFlip is tackling a huge hurdle: Integrating loyalty and rewards programs at the time of sale, in real time. Their payment technology platform delivers a great customer experience and enables companies to execute, measure, and optimize their savings, benefit, and loyalty programs like never before.

Since deploying their pilot, CoinFlip has unlocked more than $100 million for consumers.

Besides solving the problem of automating those integrated discounts, CoinFlip is taking it a step further by focusing on healthy living incentives. By linking a consumer’s rewards cards or phone number with their health plan, CoinFlip aims to increase healthy living choices.

“The healthcare industry has traditionally been very reactive. Action happens after you’re sick. We’re working with partners at all points of the ecosystem—health plans, retailers, and manufacturers—to incentivize preventive steps,” says CEO Bill Catania.

“Our technology simplifies and tracks complex rules to apply benefits during the check-out process, delivering an optimal experience for consumers and ultimately driving increased member retention and acquisition strategies for innovative plans,” says Catania.

Here’s an example of how it works: A health plan offers a monthly cash benefit, typically $25 - $50, to spend on products that improve the health and wellness of their plan member, a preventive approach that provides incentives for making healthy purchase decisions When a health plan member shops at a participating grocery store and swipes their loyalty card or enters their phone number (linked to the health plan by CoinFlip) at checkout, funds from the sponsoring health plan are applied to their order total, providing incentive for them to buy the products defined by their health plan.

Working with Early Growth

“From the moment that Keith Corbin and I spoke, it was very clear that a partnership was right for us,” says Catania. “The financial day-to-day work has been so helpful, and the financial modeling has been amazing. They’ve been key in our success so far, and they’ve added value in so many ways—setting up our benefits, for example.”

Keith adds, “It’s exciting to be involved with a company where the prospects are so good. CoinFlip is such an interesting company that’s really on a mission to impact the world of consumer savings. Beyond the good work that the company is doing, Bill manages relationships at such a high level—He’s like no one I’ve ever seen.”

Catania adds, “There’s so much value in linking employer health plans to loyalty cards. Employees are incentivized to make better decisions, so their health can be better. And healthier people are healthier employees.”

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