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Case Study: Sensai

Posted by Early Growth

May 24, 2018    |     4-minute read (667 words)

A Roadmap for Social Media Success

If you’re marketing a service or a product, chances are you’re using social media to drive traffic, boost engagement, or generate revenue. But with ever-changing algorithms, those social media platforms don’t give you a roadmap for success; instead, they encourage you to spend countless hours testing tactics and eventually paying to promote your posts.

Sensai is changing that. Their A.I. analyzes millions of social media posts, figures out what’s working (and what’s not), and passes that information along to you in the form of actionable guidance, so that you have timely information you can implement to grow your following and engage fans or customers.

The Sensai app alerts its customers to capitalize on trending hashtags, offers suggestions for content and influencers to engage, and keeps users up to date on new features as they roll out, so they can be among the first to have tried the “vote with an emoji” feature in Instagram stories, for example.

Sensai is also building AI-assisted content boosting and ad-buying to help people reach more customers and fans for less money and with less complexity than buying directly.

“Most people who are using social media for marketing aren’t enterprise marketers. In fact, most people aren’t even doing the marketing as their full-time job,” says Head of Marketing Eric Meyerson (formerly of Facebook, YouTube, and Eventbrite).

Born out of the entertainment industry, Sensai boasts a client list that includes Duran Duran, Shaun White, and Surfrider Foundation but lots of smaller organizations—from a yoga footwear retailer to an upstart political candidate—are reaping the payoff of Sensai’s insights.

By leveraging AI, Sensai can help a business or artist build excitement around key marketing moments by suggesting popular hashtags, content timing, and influencers with a following in the target audience.

The app offers actionable insight for anyone looking to leverage social media, no matter the brand.

“We’ve been building machine learning so that we can tell you what to do next—what to post, where to engage, when to post, who to follow, who to tag.  We’re helping anyone who’s marketing anything on social media right now. Our beta customers include artists, influencers, craftspeople, non-profits, and small retailers. We’re here to give you a great tool that serves your needs,” says Eric.

In addition to AI-enhanced features, Sensai offers post scheduling, platform integration, and account management.

Working With Early Growth Financial Services

Early Growth Financial Services has been working with Sensai since early on. CFO Isabelle Fymat says, “Angel Gambino [founder and CEO] has involved me in many aspects of the business.  We’ve implemented a financial package, stitching together Excel-based tracking systems, and implemented some financial controls. We are currently working very closely on many aspects of the business, including their board presentations. Overall, she’s really embraced me as a strategic advisor, and I couldn’t ask for a better relationship with Sensai. It’s the very type of client I’d been hoping for.”

Sensai’s latest feature is

in-app posting,

so you can schedule posts without having to go to the native app outside of Sensai’s interface. The product roadmap is robust and focuses primarily on their "Professional" tier service, which includes daily personalized guidance based on the customer's goals and followers, and what's actually working across the social media platform. Sensai also offers a Free tier, including daily best practices and post scheduling. Their “Luminary" tier includes custom post creation and approval, monthly editorial calendar development, and quarterly strategy sessions with Sensai experts.

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