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COVID-19 Resource Center

Posted by Early Growth

April 9, 2020    |     4-minute read (656 words)

We understand that it isn’t business as usual.  COVID-19 has presented several unexpected situations to entrepreneurs and business owners that just couldn’t be predicted.  Information is changing daily and we wanted to provide a place where you can access resources to help you make the best decisions for your company. We are creating content to keep you informed.  We’ve also gathered the most up-to-date and useful resources to help you take action from sources we respect and founders, companies, tweets, and presentations that we trust.   This list will be updated as more information is shared.  If you have any questions for us or want to share information that you’ve come across, reach out to us at For founders and business owners who would like to speak to someone about advice assessing the different government financial aid packages available, please feel free to contact us. -Team Early Growth       *This list is being updated regularly.

  1. COVID-19 Financial Relief for Businesses
  2. Tax Deadline Extensions
  3. Managing Cash Burn
  4. How Investments May Change
  5. What VCs Are Saying
  6. Team Management: Furlough or Layoffs
  7. Mental Health for Entrepreneurs
  8. How to Be Productive WFH & Remote Teams
  9. Keeping & Gaining Customers During a Pandemic
  10. Free or Discounted Business Services
  COVID-19 Financial Relief for Businesses April 9, 2020- Early Growth Webinar - CFO Roundtable: Money Management in an Economic Crisis, by Early Growth March 31, 2020- Google Commits $800 Million for Small Businesses Who Need Support, by Forbes March 30, 2020-  Silicon Valley Bank Announces COVID-19 Response and Community Support, press release March 26, 2020- What Small Businesses Need to Know About the Coronavirus Bill, by Early Growth March 17, 2020- How Twilio is Supporting COVID-19 Crisis Response Efforts,  by Twilio   Early Growth CFOs can help you apply for financial relief from the government or your financial institutions.   Tax Deadline Extensions March 20, 2020- IRS Pushes Filing and Payment Deadlines to July 15,  by Forbes   Managing Cash Burn March 30, 2020- How Startups Can Survive (And Thrive) In The Midst of COVID-19,  by Early Growth March 18, 2020- Guidelines for Managing Through This Pandemic and Economic Downturn, Article by Marlon C. Nichols   Early Growth CFOs can help you manage the budgeting and execution of cash conservation initiatives. .   How Investments May Change March 8, 2020- A Quick Guide to Startup Fundraising In A Pandemic World, by Semil Shah March 5, 2020- What M&A Dealmakers Can Expect In Light Of COVID-19, by Goodwin   What VCs Are Saying March 26, 2020- Meet the VC: Eric Bahn of Hustle Fund, webinar by Early Growth March 12, 2020- What Could the Venture Market Look Like, by Tomasz Tungz       March 5, 2020- Funding in the Time of Coronavirus, by Mark Suster   Team Management: Furlough or Layoffs March 20, 2020- The Coronavirus Crisis Doesn’t Have to Lead to Layoffs, by Harvard Business Review March 23, 2020- Weathering Coronavirus: Furloughs, Layoffs or Pay Cuts?, by Allen Smith J.D.   Mental Health for Entrepreneurs March 20, 2020- 10 Ways to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety, According to Psychologists,  by Business Insider   How to Be Productive WFH & Remote Teams  March 31, 2020- 4 Ways to Be Productive and Avoid Distractions When Working From Home,  by CNBC March 17, 2020- Panicked About Working From Home? Here’s How to Do It Right, by Fast Company March 12, 2020- 5 Tips for Staying Productive and Mentally Healthy While You Work From Home, by Time    Keeping & Gaining Customers During a Pandemic 6 Emails You Shouldn’t Send to Customers During a Pandemic and 2 That You Should, by Inc.   Grants, Free or Discounted Services Facebook Small Business Grants Small Business Relief Fund Hootsuite Free Professional Plan Moz Academy Free SEO Classes Shopify Free 90 Day Trial Final Cut Pro X Free 90 Days Guided Meditations and Exercises Free by headspace    

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