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EntrepreWired Podcast: CEO David Ehrenberg on | Early Growth

Posted by Early Growth

December 11, 2013    |     2-minute read (259 words)

EntrepreWired | Interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

As an experienced C-level executive, David Ehrenberg brings a lot to the table for entrepreneurs at Early Growth Financial Services.

After graduating from Georgetown University with degrees in accounting and finance, today’s guest started his career on Wall Street doing mergers and acquisitions and then went on to earn his MBA from the University of Washington.

David Ehrenberg is the CEO and founder of Early Growth Financial Services and his company was ranked #5 in Silicon Valley Business Journals’ annual Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2013.

His articles are frequently posted in Forbes, Inc, VentureBeat, Huffington Post Small Business, Yahoo! Small Business, Startup Nation, and more.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Early corporate experience at Microsoft.

2. Business development.

3. Difficulty of innovation at big corporations vs. startup entrepreneurship.

4. The goal of becoming a C-level executive at a major corporation.

5. Due diligence while analyzing major corporations.

6. Bringing businesses to a level of professionalism: best practices, standardizations, efficiencies in order to scale, etc…

7. Finding the early stage technology niche market.

8. Key Value Proposition for current clients.

Listen to this podcast now:

David Ehrenberg EntrepreWired Interview - Podcast


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3. Piece of Advice?:

“To anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur… It’s a great journey.”

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