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Every entrepreneur should champion these 3 leadership lessons

Posted by Shivali Anand

August 6, 2021    |     3-minute read (586 words)

Apart from juggling dozens of tasks at any given moment, business owners must also be excellent leaders. As their firm grows, they need to be ready for the leadership requirements that come with the territory, such as engaging constructively with staff.

It is challenging to be a good leader. While their actions may be questioned when things are difficult, their leadership skills must also show through in the toughest of circumstances to earn the respect of team members. 

The most successful leaders have specific characteristics that make them exceptional, and we describe the top three below.

Leaders delegate and hire smartly

"A person is known by the company he keeps," as the proverb goes. The same goes for company leaders. The individuals you surround yourself with as founder-CEO will come to define you. If there is a problem at the top, it will filter down to the bottom and cause dysfunction. This is why hiring well should be one of the top three objectives when running a successful company. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting your board of directors, as terminating a board member is far more complex than firing a regular employee.

Furthermore, a rising attrition rate has made the employment market more complex, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Using end-to-end recruiting tactics is one of the best ways to ensure you hire the correct people for the appropriate job.

As a leader, you must also know how to delegate wisely once you have chosen the right people for the correct jobs. A good leader understands how to delegate and get the most out of all of their employees efficiently. What’s more, learning when and how to delegate allows you to devote more time to your most vital duties.

Remember that delegation requires knowing who has the appropriate abilities and the knowledge to execute the allocated duties and assign work to team members. Cautious delegation is essential for saving time and avoiding future problems.

Leaders make customer service a priority

For any business to be successful, customer service must be a high priority. To make customer focus a reality in your organization, you must first demonstrate a genuine commitment to it. 

Second, you must clarify to all of your employees, beginning with orientation, what is at stake and how critical it is for your organization to address clients' needs proactively. You must also ensure that your company consistently recognizes and rewards customer-focused behavior. From the entry-level employee on up, it's a good idea to set up processes for sharing customer insights with your entire organization.

Businesses can reap several long-term benefits from maintaining positive relationships with their customers. Even if they aren't giving your business, it's wise to stay in touch with your existing clientele. Customer retention and community goodwill are boosted as a result.

Leaders take note of what they hear, as they listen

"Listening is one of the foundations of effective leadership," says leadership speaker John Baldoni. “Listening to someone demonstrates respect; it shows that you value their ideas and are willing to hear them."

To become a good leader, you must practice active listening with customers and employees. Good leaders listen to every person with sincerity and attention. This lets them gain a deeper understanding of other people’s viewpoints.

Active listening also contributes to the long-term development of trust in relationships. Influential leaders communicate with sincerity; pay attention to both the message and the messenger; don’t interrupt and always acknowledge what is said to them.

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