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Every entrepreneur should leverage these 13 Facebook business tools

Posted by Shivali Anand

December 29, 2021    |     7-minute read (1323 words)

Facebook is a massive social networking website with about 2.89 billion active monthly users, according to Statista. Many businesses have a Facebook profile, but few optimize their efforts to get the most from the platform. 

But savvy entrepreneurs who see Facebook's potential are leveraging its business tools to meet marketing objectives and grow their following. Here are 13 important Facebook business tools that business owners should use to get the most from Facebook marketing.

1. Agorapulse

Using Agorapulse, you can manage your content and engagement on Facebook. This tool also lets you schedule and publish your posts — you can even add them to an automatic republishing queue. Additionally, you can introduce various types of Facebook contests, such as quizzes and sweepstakes with Agorapulse. 

Agorapulse also can be used to analyze and compare Facebook pages to learn more about your competition. This gives you comprehensive analytics reports with which you can track your efforts and optimize future marketing campaigns.

2. Heyo

Heyo can assist you in generating more leads, running contests or launching sweepstakes, and managing your hashtag campaigns for Facebook. By using the marketing tool to organize contests, such as quizzes and video or photo contests, you can gather email addresses from potential customers to build your email list. Heyo can also help you boost brand awareness, engage potential customers and compile user-generated content with hashtag campaigns.

3. Pagemodo

To boost engagement, use the Pagemodo tool to personalize your Facebook company page with cover photographs, individual tabs and contests and sweepstakes. Pagemodo also helps you schedule posts with calls to action and website links on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

You can also easily create and manage your Facebook ads and optimize future campaigns with Pagemodo. In addition, you’ll find recommended content to share on Facebook and other social networking sites.

4. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey lets you create a list of messenger subscribers, send broadcast messages, run campaigns and automatically reply to comments on your Facebook posts. The tool also includes complete support for Facebook Messenger ads, prebuilt chatbot templates, robust chatbot analytics capabilities and a unique chatbot builder. You can also migrate your data from MobileMonkey to other systems you use for running your business.

5. Buffer

A social media management tool that enables you to schedule and publish posts on Facebook, Buffer integrates with Chrome, WordPress and various other applications to find content for distribution. It also offers statistics and insights into the post's reach, likes and comments.

6. Ads Manager on Facebook

Facebook Ads Manager is a mobile-friendly solution that lets you rapidly create, edit and optimize your Facebook ads. This will enable you to target specific demographics and determine which audience sees your ad. 

You can also use Ads Manager to monitor real-time statistics to track the performance of your ads, and to monitor multiple ads over your campaign (or different campaigns). With Ads Manager, you can change the placement of your ads, establish a budget to keep costs under control and create and post ad pictures or templates.

7. Facebook Pixel

Leverage Facebook Pixel to learn more about your site traffic and how people are using your site. As the tool collects information about who visits your site, you can use this information to retarget those consumers later. You may also optimize your ads so that they are viewed by the individuals most likely to engage with them. 

Because Pixel helps you attract clients who have purchased your products or services from any online and offline source, it helps grow your client base by identifying the right people to target and measure your data with perfect accuracy.

8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social renders actionable data to help you make better decisions and monitor social interactions. The tool can help you better understand your audience by segmenting data by region, age and gender for better targeting. The app sends you notifications so you can address unforeseen anomalies, and read and create reports for bots, apps, websites and events.

9. AdEspresso

Turn to AdEspresso to automate the process for creating and managing your Facebook ad campaigns. Its A/B testing function helps garner powerful analytics and create thousands of variants of your Facebook ads. AdEspresso also allows you to manage your ads across many platforms from a single interface, eliminating the need to move between ad managers.

10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps optimize your ad campaign by targeting the right audience. Using this tool, you can convert Facebook advertising into leads and keep track of your analytics. Hootsuite allows you to manage and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, along with various other social media networks.

The tool can assist you in creating and testing your ads, boosting budgets and syncing leads to your customer-relationship management or email marketing tools. You may also improve campaign results by defining performance-based rules that allow you to suspend campaigns that aren't working.

11. DrumUp

With DrumUp, you can curate and produce trending content for your social media platforms. To get started, simply submit a list of relevant keywords. The tool will search the internet for stories connected to these keywords and add them to your share queue. It will also select an optimal time to share the content. DrumUp can even personalize the post by adding a suggested hashtag, uploading an image and scheduling it to be shared again in the future.

12. Facebook Ad Library

A searchable online collection of ads now running on Facebook and across all Facebook products, such as Instagram, the Facebook Ad Library lets you assess competitors’ ads to improve your own Facebook ad campaigns. You can see what works for them, such as the messaging they promote or what type of ads they've been running for a long time. Additionally, you can also see how much these organizations spend on online ads.

13. Cross Border Insights Finder

Useful for businesses looking to expand into new markets, the Cross Border Insights Finder lets you compare your existing market to potential markets. This analytics tool also allows you to compare ad campaign insights from multiple countries across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Insights. The analysis is based on reach, conversion rate, ad cost and ad frequency of ads.

Pointers to make your business’s Facebook page more effective

Your prospects of generating leads and sales from your Facebook Page are slim if you're not optimizing it to reach and engage the audience. We've put together a few pointers to ensure you're developing a compelling page that makes the most of Facebook marketing.

1. Select a profile and cover photo that is easy to recognize and with the proper dimensions.

2. Your "About" section should summarize company vision and milestones.

3. Monitor and reply to comments on your page.

4. Ensure that the tabs are well-organized.

5. Create a community page and a Facebook group to facilitate information exchange.

6. Keep your audience engaged by continually adding to your Facebook Story.

7. Include a call-to-action button, such as “watch video” or “book now.” 

8. Select the optimal timing and frequency for your post, and schedule them accordingly using Facebook Business tools.

9. Check the performance of your updates in your Facebook Insights and fine-tune your posting frequency and approach accordingly.

10. Retarget viewers who have seen your videos by using Facebook custom audiences.

11. Set metrics for your desired audience, meaning whom you want to view your content.

12. Pin key content to the top of your page to promote things for a longer time.

13. Enable messaging on your page.

14. Promote your page through Facebook marketing tools to generate more followers.

15. Create, manage and optimize your Facebook ads and determine your campaign's marketing goal.

16. Use analytics tools to measure the performance of your Facebook efforts.

17. Analyze the demographics of visitors who engage with your page and posts. 

18. Use Facebook optimization tools to find new customers who are similar to your website visitors.

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