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Gender Diversity in Tech: The Ones to Watch

Posted by Early Growth

May 13, 2017    |     4-minute read (702 words)

Launching a new endeavor, getting traction for growth, or seeking financing, especially in the early stages of a company, can often be a challenging and isolating experience. The need for community and like minded support is often the key ingredient to taking your dream wide. We talked previously about the challenges in the startup ecosystem that affect women particularly. In this follow up we’d like to spotlight the fantastic work and possibilities being brought about to create greater gender diversity and make female led entrepreneurship and investing a more common occurrence. The following groups and individuals are cultivating awareness, nurturing the next generation as well as each other, and raising funds all while building the interconnections that will change the face of what it looks like to be the leader in tech and startups. Pipeline Angels (Investing/Funding) Pipeline Angels is a network of women investors launched in 2011. Their goal is to change the face of angel investing and help promote capital being available for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs. They have a signature bootcamp for new investors who share their values as well as a signature pitch summit for startups seeking funding. They have helped over 30 companies and invested over US$2M. Find them at: Female Funders (Investing/Funding) Female Funders, as their name suggests, offers online education programs to promote learning, network building and develop deeper knowledge around funding for and by women. They support aspiring female angel investors as well as entrepreneurs looking to raise seed capital. They offer free lessons and more in-depth bootcamps for both Investors and Entrepreneurs. Find them at: Aligned Partners (Investing/Funding) This women-led VC firm headed by Jodi Sherman Jahic and Susan Mason, invests in early-stage information technology companies. They offer years of in depth experience and take active hands on roles, usually as lead investor. Find them at: 37 Angels (Investing/Funding) 37 Angels is a community of women investors focused on providing education on early stage investment to women. They offer in person, virtual and self-paced bootcamps. Founded by Columbia B-school adjunct professor Angela Lee who was motivated by the statistic that only 13% of angel investors in the U.S. are women. The aim of 37 angels is to add the missing percentage points of activity that would bring that up to 50%. Find them at: The Inside Academy/ Fearless Female Founders (Coaching/Community Building/Networking) Founded by entrepreneur and visionary Alexandra Kinloch, an innovative business leader and professional coach with a passion for creating thriving purposeful companies. The Inside Academy works towards creating a more nurturing approach to building your business. Their motto is “We believe that you can thrive in the business world while living the life that makes you happy”. As part of that goal they offer, Fearless Female Founders, a supportive community environment to connect and strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset. Their next meeting is on May 9th. For Info: Find them at: Girls in Tech (GIT) (Education/Community) A global nonprofit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology. They bring together professional women volunteering in 60 local chapters supporting the next generation of women in STEM fields. Adriana Gascoigne founded GIT in 2007 to create a support framework to help women advance their careers in STEM fields. Find them at: #BUILTBYGIRLS (Education/Community) The goal of #BUILTBYGIRLS is to break the glass ceiling of startup leadership for women. They work with tech companies, young women and accomplished advisors to prepare girls for leadership roles as startup founders or VCs. They offer pitch competitions, internships and more. Find them at: Lastly this list owes a debt of gratitude to two of our own at Early Growth Financial Services, Lidia A. Salgado, Business Development Manager for our NYC area and Brieanne Traube Director of Business Development in the San Francisco Bay Area. They help keep us aware of all the trends and people that are making big impacts in those cities and worldwide.

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