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How giving back helps your business

Posted by Shivali Anand

August 25, 2021    |     3-minute read (489 words)

Giving back to your community can increase your business’s bottom line. According to research by Cone Communications, "More than nine-in-ten millennials would switch brands to one connected with a cause," and "62% are prepared to accept a pay cut to work for a responsible firm."

While employee volunteer programs are an excellent way for businesses to give back to their communities, many firms are exploring new methods to contribute while simultaneously increasing employee engagement and making a significant impact. It's not difficult to cultivate a culture of giving at your firm. 

Here are 7 ways your small business can help others.

  1. Encourage your employees to get involved in the community

Employees at some of the world's largest companies are given paid time off to volunteer for a charity of their choice. As a business owner, you can improve your team's morale by setting aside a certain amount of time each month or year for volunteer activities. Additionally, your company's community participation will be enhanced. It's also possible for your entire organization to have a designated day for this. When you volunteer as a team, you develop stronger relationships inside your organization.

  1. Encourage the use of eco-friendly products

Most people care about the environment, and employees may be interested in finding methods to reduce daily challenges. Reduce your carbon footprint and waste by partnering with local environmental advocacy groups and charities to promote green projects in your town.

It's even possible to make such efforts more fun by launching an office tree-planting campaign. Other projects in the green industry include river maintenance and cleanup operations or e-waste recycling programs.

  1. Support youth sports teams through sponsorship

Help local sports teams raise money by finding a group to sponsor. Your company's logo may be placed on the team's jerseys or banners, which is a great way to receive some free attention.

  1. Launch a charity drive

Set up a charity campaign inside your organization, whether donating clothes to the Salvation Army or food to your local food bank. Encourage your employees to bring in items to contribute for a certain amount of time, then celebrate as a team when it's time to donate.

  1. You may also donate your skills

Help the local community by sharing your experience, knowledge, and skills. For example, if you have a web designer on your team, they might develop and manage a website for a local non-profit group or design fundraising brochures for them.

  1. Matching gifts

It is possible for you as an employer to match your employees' charitable donations up to a specific sum. This allows people to make a difference at organizations near their hearts, while your business also increases its charitable reach.

  1. Encourage the development of small businesses

According to the Small Company Administration, small business employees make up over half of the private workforce. When feasible, support small companies by purchasing their products and services and spreading the news about what they do.

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