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How these 4 companies mastered CRM

Posted by Shivali Anand

September 1, 2021    |     3-minute read (489 words)

Customer relationship management systems and tools ensure customers are served in the most optimal way possible. To help businesses gain insights into customer behavior, CRM solutions typically gather a trove of data. This information about existing and potential customers can be leveraged to identify problems, optimize procedures, enhance sales and foster customer loyalty.

Learn how these four companies optimize the use of CRM to understand client needs and respond accordingly.

Reward marketing at Sephora

Sephora does more than just sell makeup; it also hosts an online community where beauty enthusiasts can talk about different cosmetics. Members must complete a profile to join, and the firm uses that information to segment and target members with tailored offers.

The cosmetics giant maintains a three-tiered loyalty program with an estimated 25 million members. As a member progresses up the scale by spending more, the perks and tailored awards grow. Sephora's loyalty program is a wonderful illustration of how a company can use consumer engagement to its advantage.

Airbnb's automated relationship management

Automation played a significant role in the rise of Airbnb. The company's CRM software handles almost everything. When a potential customer uses the search function on Airbnb's website, the information is automatically recorded in the company's CRM system. When a consumer books a room, the information is shared with the appropriate persons and departments.

The firm uses its CRM platform to send out, track and measure the success of its email campaigns, allowing it to make improvements to its procedures. The CRM program handles everything, and it's completely automated.

Airbnb saves time by automating tasks, allowing it to focus on other projects like growing its community and increasing brand awareness.

Coca-Cola's customer retention strategy

Despite having a large consumer base in several countries, Coca-Cola strives to consistently provide excellent customer service. The beverage behemoth employs its CRM program to foster collaboration and promptly resolve client complaints. Coca-Cola employees can use CRM software to spot problems and track consumer behavior to promote deals. Team members may access customer information on the move, create and edit repair orders, and dispatch field techs in real-time using mobile apps.

Coca-Cola can monitor customer behavior; social media activity and general online brand impressions using the features of its CRM across the globe and use the findings to promote various promotions.

Activision has integrated social media into its marketing game


Activision, the company behind some of the most well-known video games, is a pioneer in the gaming business, using CRM to communicate with players on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The firm uses cloud-based tools and extensive data analytics to keep track of social media and online searches related to its products. This enables Activision to predict the reactions of its target audiences accurately.

The company’s cloud-based CRM solution has reportedly trimmed customer service-related expenses by 25% and resolved 85% of customer-related challenges through online self-service options while also boosting overall customer satisfaction levels.

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