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How to boost conversions by revamping your website’s above-the-fold content

Posted by Grace Townsley

July 28, 2021    |     4-minute read (716 words)

Imagine you had only tenths of a second to convince your next potential client to buy your product or service. You threw everything you had at them, hoping they would be impressed. Or maybe you attempted to wow them with a simple, artistic expression, hoping that would hold their attention. But within milliseconds, that potential client was overwhelmed or confused, and utterly unconvinced. Able to quickly find what they needed somewhere else, you unfortunately lost a repeat customer.

If you have a website, this scenario could be your daily reality. You have mere seconds to grab the attention of your potential customer, communicate what you offer, showcase your brand value, overcome objections and stand out against your competitors. How can you possibly accomplish all this instantaneously? The answer is easier than you might think: the above-the-fold content on your home page. 

What is above-the-fold content?

When someone clicks on a link to your website, everything they can see on their computer or phone without scrolling is considered “above-the-fold”. This term was coined back when newspapers were the main media source. You can bet that whatever content was visible on the front of a folded newspaper would be the outlet’s top, most valuable information. Think eye-catching headlines and a show-stopping picture.

In terms of webpages, your above-the-fold content immediately tells your site visitor what you’re about, how you can help them, your style, your intended audience, and more. Or at least, an effective above-the-fold section does. The goal of this section of your site is to hook your reader quickly so they’re curious to learn more about your company. 

Where many websites go wrong

Many websites try to create above-the-fold content that is simple, eye-catching, and absolutely uninformative. A giant, dramatic picture with a striking color design is certainly artistic, but burying your content below filler visuals like this is guaranteed to hurt your conversion rates

On the opposite extreme, some websites cram the above-the-fold section full of headings, buttons, pictures, or a giant wall of text that will never be read. Just as the overly simple site doesn’t give the viewer a reason to scroll, the overly complicated site quickly overwhelms viewers, causing them to leave. 

3 tips to improve your above-the-fold content quickly and simply

Put these tips into practice today and you will instantly improve your site traffic and increase your conversions:
  • A powerful opening statement:

    Imagine someone is visiting your website for the first time, knowing nothing at all about your brand. How would they know if they’re in the right place? Answering this question in a short phrase or two is a great way to write an effective above-the-fold headline.
  • An equally powerful sub-header:

    The sub-header is the smaller text below your main headline. While the headline should be as short and concise as possible, your sub-header can be slightly longer with more details. Think one or two brief sentences to state why your business is different. These two sections should work together to tell your visitor what you do, who you do it for, and why your business is the best. 
  • Include a call to action (CTA):

    A CTA tells your visitor what you want them to do. Buy, book an appointment, subscribe, and get started are four common CTA buttons found on many successful webpages. It’s important to include this CTA throughout your website so your visitor has a clear next step to follow if they like what you offer. 
Wondering how your website reads to new visitors? An easy test to see how well your site grabs attention and informs visitors is to ask a friend or family member (someone who isn’t familiar with your business) to look at your site for three seconds without scrolling. When they look away, ask them to describe what they think your business does, who you do it for, and how to take a next step. If your friend or family member can’t answer these three questions, it’s time to use the above steps to boost your conversions!  

Building an effective website doesn’t have to be hard. With a little intentional planning, feedback and focus, you can have powerful above-the-fold content that hooks your visitor and converts them to your next repeat customer.


Grace Townsley
Grace Townsley

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