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How to find the silver lining in challenging times

Posted by Shivali Anand

December 14, 2021    |     5-minute read (837 words)

The entrepreneur’s journey is riddled with challenges that can be overwhelming even for seasoned business owners. Newcomers may face tasks that seem impossible or near-fatal for those who have never experienced self-employment. In these moments, the best way to stay calm is to channel your inner Zen.

Does that sound impossible? Take a few minutes to read entrepreneurs’ recommendations on how to reduce stress, confront obstacles, increase optimism and find more peace of mind.

Increase self-awareness

Being self-aware, which entails understanding your strengths and weaknesses, will help you and your business. And when life throws you a curveball, this will save you some grief. This is because developing self-awareness fosters the underlying confidence you need to prepare for anything that may come your way. Self-doubt, negativity and apprehension can be kept at bay by this sense of confidence.

Be ready for change

Life is a gamble. If you're like most people, you're worried about the future so much that you strive to control every area of your life. You will, unfortunately, always fail at that. Preparing for eventualities and changes is what you should be doing. Instead of trying to micromanage every element of your life and make it ideal, strive to consider possibilities and then prepare accordingly. You'll not only be more fluid in your approach to life, but you'll also acquire a flexible mentality so that things don't have as much of an influence on you as they once did.

Strive for happiness

At times, an entrepreneur's life can be isolating, filled with long hours spent alone and weary while pursuing "the dream." In this desolate country of loneliness and toil, make a point of seeking out little bursts of delight to keep you sane and focused on critical tasks at hand. Anything that brings you joy and takes your attention away for a short time should be embraced. Your troubles will seem smaller when you return.

Confront obstacles

A challenge may put you to the test, push you to your limits and even seemingly drive you insane. These responsibilities are challenging for good reason. Some people will pick the easy road rather than the difficult one, but what will they get as a result? Are there any skills that can be learned by doing things the easy way? When runners train at high altitudes and endure muscular burn and oxygen deprivation, they are rewarded with praise when they race at lower elevations. The concept is the same. If you put in the effort, you could develop efficient processes that will benefit your business in the future.

Reinterpret impossible as “I M POSSIBLE”

Although you've likely heard this phrase before, it's often forgotten in the bustle of everyday life. Nothing is impossible in this world — remember that someone, somewhere in the world has already accomplished what you are doing. And if not, perhaps someone else has encountered and overcome a similar challenge. When faced with an impossible task, it's often your perspective that makes it seem so hard. Everyone and everything benefits from a fresh pair of eyes and a calm mindset. All you have to do now is burrow down and plod forward. "Tough times don't endure, tough people, do," as the adage goes.

Solutions abound

There is a solution to every difficulty. Someone else can do it if you can't. Find that special someone. Read up on your issue, investigate it, go into its roots and figure out how to address it. Talk to someone who has likely gone through the same thing previously. If it's something entirely new, then ask someone who might know something about it. Discussion, study and a little advice from someone in the know can go a long way to solving any obstacle that life and work throw at you. 

Believe in karma

You must trust that what you accomplish will be rewarded. People, events and times will put you to the test. It is your job not to get bothered by them. Nobody can control everything all of the time. If you react to something negatively, you can be sure that negativity will find its way back to you. Be upbeat in your outlook and the solutions will follow suit. You define your mind by defining your actions, and you will eventually define the outcome.

Maintain optimism

"Hope" is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. The desire for a better day and a better path is always on your mind, but just being hopeful won’t guarantee you’ll get the answers you need. Preparation is the key to giving your optimism a solid foundation and enabling you to see the good in every challenge you face. 

Among the plethora of challenges that will come your way, remember to stay hopeful, confident, optimistic and to find joy in little things. Last but not least, don’t back down when faced with a challenge. Instead, give it your heart and soul. The results in the end will by far outweigh the trials and tribulations. 

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