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How to use Facebook’s free Wi-Fi to increase sales and grow your customer base

Posted by Shivali Anand

September 21, 2021    |     2-minute read (356 words)

Facebook Wi-Fi is an excellent marketing tool for local businesses like restaurants and retailers. This platform helps such businesses achieve many of their marketing objectives, from brand promotion to engagement and relationship building. To get started, all you'll need is a router and a smartphone.

How does it work?

After customers and nearby prospects have checked in, businesses put up free Facebook Wi-Fi and allow them to join over their guest Wi-Fi network.

The basics

Customers use Facebook Wi-Fi to connect to free internet after checking in to your business on the social media network. In essence, your router is turned into a hotspot.

 Check-ins show up on your customers' Facebook newsfeeds, where their friends may see them, as well as on your company's Facebook page. Share deals and announcements on your company's Facebook page to further enhance consumer involvement.

The advantages of Facebook Wi-Fi for businesses are:

Customers have access to constant Wi-Fi –

There is no need for a password. Customers just go into the Facebook app and check-in at your company to get online.

It increases the size of your footprint –

The check-ins of your customers may be viewed by their friends and family, expanding your network.

It sparks page activity –

When customers check-in, they are taken to your Facebook business page, where they may like it and learn more about your company.

It attracts followers –

Customers may use their Instagram log-in to connect to your Wi-Fi, where they can choose to follow your company profile and sign up for updates.

Customer data is provided –

Learn how many consumers connected to your Wi-Fi to check into your company, how many monthly unique visitors you have, and more.

It allows you to target the most appropriate audience –

You may use Facebook Wi-Fi's custom audience tool to target advertising to your most relevant audience, such as individuals who have visited your company, if you understand your client base.

It boosts your business’s visibility –

At any one time, millions of individuals are using Facebook to look for free Wi-Fi hot spots. Facebook Wi-Fi connects you with these people, increasing the visibility of your advertising and products.

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