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How to use LinkedIn to promote your business

Posted by Shivali Anand

September 14, 2021    |     4-minute read (720 words)

LinkedIn is not just a platform for personal networking. The online service also includes a plethora of tools that can help businesses broaden their visibility, build a reputation and provide a better experience for customers.

One of the most popular features among small business owners and entrepreneurs is LinkedIn's tabs for company profile pages, such as content suggestion and lead collection tabs that make it simpler to build relationships with customers, partners and brand supporters.

Consider implementing these best practices to grow your LinkedIn network:

LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning home page is a hub for industry professionals to provide information on trending topics and to teach seminars on various skills, such as niche software programs. The online course center can also help you keep tabs on what your competitors are up to. While LinkedIn Learning is a paid program that requires a monthly membership, at the time of publication it offered free monthly trials.

LinkedIn Events

Attending relevant industry events is important for networking with other company owners and industry professionals. You can locate virtual meetups and seminars in your sector all over the world by using LinkedIn's events page. LinkedIn Events is also handy for keeping up with consumer events hosted by your competitors.

Active status

Green dots on your contacts’ LinkedIn profile pictures indicate whether they are online. You can quickly reach out to someone if you know they are online.

Advanced search

Sort and narrow down the results of a LinkedIn search by using the applicable filters. This feature was added to LinkedIn to make it easier to discover people and things on the site.

Content publishing

Regardless of whether you are signed in to LinkedIn, users can post content and change the setting to "public" to share it with others. Sharing your knowledge and experience may help you make new contacts, open doors and improve your company's reputation.

My Company tab

Employees may easily share and interact with content from their company using LinkedIn's My Company feature. Businesses can use the “Recommend" tool to publish content and the "Content Suggestions" feature to distribute relevant pieces or popular stories.

Lead-generation forms

When a user clicks one of your posts, their LinkedIn profile data populates an app form that they can fill out to learn more. These prefilled forms can help gather high-quality leads from your product page, giving you a new way to target advertisements, conduct research and segment your audience.

LinkedIn Stories

Professionals can use LinkedIn stories to highlight and share daily accomplishments with their network. Organizations can also use Stories to engage with their audience by sharing relevant information, thought leadership and behind-the-scenes material. This effectively transforms LinkedIn into a digital marketing channel that can increase consumer engagement and conversion.

In your stories, users can also put links to drive readers to a specific landing page. Click the “eye” icon on the bottom left to see how many people watched and swiped through to your URLs or stories.

Sales Navigator's improved functionality

You may store a prospective connection as a lead and filter lead lists by account name or demographics when you make a connection request from LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. LinkedIn has also doubled the search limit to enhance the overall number of results accessible, providing users access to a bigger pool of leads.

Companies may use this tool to improve brand awareness by leveraging the reach of their workers. You may also locate the most interesting and relevant material for your potential consumers by using hashtags and subject classification.

Product tab for company pages

On their corporate LinkedIn page, business owners may post lists of their products and services. Based on the information obtained from your company's website and LinkedIn profile, all product names and categories are presented.

The product tab allows you to advertise new items while also connecting with your target market. With a custom call-to-action button, such as download now, get started, request a demo, try now, contact us or learn more, the product tab can be deployed to generate more leads.

Link customer reviews, testimonials and endorsements to their actual LinkedIn profiles to provide a credible summary of your products and services. You may also include a target demographic for your product, but make sure it's accurate as it could impact how it appears in LinkedIn’s search results.

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