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Silicon Valley’s exclusive Clubhouse app opens to the public

Posted by Shivali Anand

August 2, 2021    |     3-minute read (546 words)

For those running established businesses as well as startup entrepreneurs, audio-only social media platform Clubhouse has become a popular, informal networking tool since its inception around a year ago.  

Among some of the famous names known to frequent the buzzy app are Malcolm Gladwell, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few, and the platform is said to be especially popular among investors and entrepreneurs. 

The exclusive app, originally targeted at high-profile individuals, has abandoned its invitation-only model, meaning anyone can now join a public livestream at any time. Ditto for anyone who wants to host a public livestream. Clubhouse said the move came now as the app has finally become ready to move on from its beta stage to accommodate a bigger audience.

How the Clubhouse app works

As an audio-only app, members communicate voice to voice in an array of chat rooms. While conversations may be monitored by staff, recordings are prohibited. Clubhouse estimates it now has about 10 million users.

Users can listen in on live conversations and interviews while offline and participate in conversations in its online forum and other programs. Some of Clubhouse’s rooms are open to all members while others are not, but none of the chats are scripted.  Users are able to move about from room to room, or they might linger in just one room for hours. 

Clubhouse’s unique value for entrepreneurs

Live conversations on the app are conducive to networking opportunities. After joining, you can make a profile with a description of your business to help those with similar interests find you.

By joining an existing conversation or creating your own room, more networking opportunities become available. Some participants also create “clubs” to build a following for their brand.

In the past year, Clubhouse has become an all-in-one place for some entrepreneurs. Like them, you can use the app not just for networking but also for learning new marketing tactics and gleaning insights and advice from experts. Explore different chat rooms to create new connections and connect with potential customers.

Clubhouse’s benefits for entrepreneurs:

Learning opportunities from insiders. Users can join an array of discussions pertinent to business owners and entrepreneurs, such as finance, AI and marketing. Clubhouse offers a chance to find out what  industry leaders are thinking and how they might solve a problem you face.

Recruiting. Clubhouse can be used as a platform to locate people with the skills you are looking for. By following leaders in areas relevant to your business, you will be alerted to new conversations that could lead you to connect with listeners and speakers in your sector.

Networking with potential customers. Create a chat room based on your expertise and provide free advice to people who join the room. Over time you can build up a community of followers who may become customers.

Gleaning feedback. Clubhouse lets you converse about new projects right away, which opens the door to immediate feedback.

Finding investors. Clubhouse boasts that it hosts a lively startup scene and that venture capitalists are among its top users. Chat rooms like Baby Shark Tank and Pitchhouse are examples of some that provide opportunities for founders and investors to exchange ideas. Some founders even consider Clubhouse an essential part of their fundraising strategy.

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