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Standout remote employees share these 5 traits

Posted by Early Growth

September 23, 2021    |     3-minute read (543 words)

You could be a remote worker yourself, or you may be looking to recruit individuals to work from home. In either case, it's a good idea to review through the qualities that make remote employees successful.

Here's why it's crucial: According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace survey, 54% of office workers would leave if they could find a job that allowed them to work from home. Furthermore, the research finds that when employees perform at least part of the time remotely, they are more engaged and productive.

Although virtually anybody may succeed working remotely, these traits are particularly beneficial to individuals who flourish in this environment.

  1. Self-disciplined

Remote employees should be able to work without relying on others for inspiration. They'll have to commit to being at work on time each day, completing duties and juggling various deadlines that come with today's workplace without someone dropping by to check on them.

Remote employees should also be able to schedule meetings with others, ask questions of the entire team, and even manage others from their remote locations. This demands a significant bit of self-discipline because the remote employee will need to use all the corporate resources available to them.

  1. Responsive

Managers demand responsiveness and timeliness from remote employees, just as they would for those who work on-site. Staff members can't peek over the cubicle wall to see what remote employees are working on since they don't communicate with each other as frequently as those who work on-site do. You may be left wondering what remote employees are up to if you can't bump into each other in common areas or alongside the coffee machine and say, "Hey, how's that file coming?" That's why finding remote employees who are prompt and timely and who frequently offer updates on their tasks is so valuable.

  1. Organized

Without the advantage of local team meetings and shared whiteboards, remote employees must remain on top of their duties. In other words, good organizational skills are essential. This generally entails maintaining a calendar where both the employee and their co-workers record appointments and meetings.

The remote worker's organizational abilities extend beyond time management to include the upkeep of a filing system for both digital and hard copy papers and files. Remote employees should also have a dedicated workplace that helps them to concentrate and to keep organized.

  1. Resourceful

Employees who do not work in an office may not have access to office tools. This might imply that they aren't aware of communication within the building. Even when they aren't in the office, remote employees must be resourceful in gathering information and locating the tools they want.

If an issue develops, the employee should be able to troubleshoot it while thinking swiftly and critically. They should have the resources and tools to locate all available resources to address challenges or enlist other stakeholders' assistance.

  1. Tech proficiency

If remote employees wish to stay connected to on-site employees and other remote workers, they need to be able to use tech solutions. Using Google Drive, analytics software, Slack and other tech to their full potential will keep everyone on the same page throughout the workday. Remote employees should be outspoken about seeking any tech solutions that would help them accomplish their tasks better. 

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