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NUMA Expands Internationally With Location in New York | EG

Posted by Early Growth

August 6, 2019    |     4-minute read (613 words)

If your company has the fortune to grow into a globally recognized brand with locations across the world, there is a lot that needs to happen. In many cases, companies can’t do it alone, they need help. 

Considerations such as regulations, tax laws, tariffs, adapting sales to the new country,  and statutes are critically important to making the leap from doing business in one country to another. In the same way that Early Growth helps companies understand the complex landscape of taxes, financial reporting, and accounting, NUMA helps companies with the challenges of becoming an international operation.  

Founded 18 years ago in Paris, France, NUMA helps companies enter the US market. NUMA also has a strong focus on education and is recognized as one of the oldest accelerators in the world. NUMA also partners with governments, like Mexico, who previously sponsored 8 founders to attend NUMA’s leading-edge training. For most businesses, it’s not easy to get attention and get clients, and when a government sponsors company founders to go through your training, that means you’ve done something at an exceptional level.

More countries attend NUMA’s programs every year including Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Spain.  NUMA also hosts multi-day tech tours called Learning Expeditions that have featured companies like Google and covered topics on innovative technologies such as 3D printing, Retail, Financial Services, and EdTech. International billion-dollar companies, governments, and startups all over the world continue to seek NUMA’s help. 

The Complexities of Expanding Globally 

When Early Growth began to work with NUMA, they were in the process of opening up a new location in New York City.  We’ve been able to assist NUMA New York with a better understanding of their financial reports, giving a more in-depth insight into their profitability, and creating more defined metrics for growth. While they help companies understand the language of jumping into new global markets, we’ve had the honor of helping NUMA New York better understand the complex landscape of accounting and finances. 

In the words of Frances Simowitz, CEO & Managing Director for NUMA New York,, “Having someone that is a financial expert has been a big help.” 

At Early Growth, we’re thrilled to be working with NUMA and see the impact they’re making around the world.“It’s been amazing to watch NUMA go through what its clients go through - learning how to be a global corporation and deal with all the issues associated with being global. The interesting crossover has allowed me to see why so many clients trust NUMA and why they're excellent at their work,” said Early Growth consulting CFO, Tina Gentile. 

When we asked Frances what she’s most excited about with NUMA New York, she shared, “I am excited to expand NUMA’s work and to expose more countries to the fantastic innovation that is New York City. We have a lot to offer the world with our work in New York. ” She also added, “We’ve made a strategic pivot into education so that we can provide more help and value to the world.” 

That enthusiasm not only shines through when Frances spoke with us, but it also comes through in the commitment that NUMA has illustrated through their constant effort to push new boundaries and help other companies expand. As we continue our relationship with NUMA in New York, we're excited to see how they bring the NY innovation to the rest of the world.

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