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Top 10 podcasts that share advice for startups, entrepreneurs

Posted by Shivali Anand

July 1, 2021    |     4-minute read (714 words)

  Podcasts are an excellent way for busy startup owners and entrepreneurs to stay on top of the latest advances and ahead of the competition. We've compiled a list of 10 of the most beneficial startup-related podcasts, all of which give guidance from seasoned business professionals who have been there and done it.

  1. Evolve

Many new companies are motivated by a sense of purpose, mission or impact. "Evolve" focuses on the experiences of social impact company founders and visionary executives, who share how they successfully developed their businesses and solved their customers' challenges. On the podcast, innovators and professionals from various sectors offer ideas and techniques to inspire and encourage other company founders.

Why you should listen:

Hear insights from successful company CEOs and founders' real-life difficulties, inspirational goals and decisions.

  1. The Pitch Deck

The podcast "Pitch Deck" teaches entrepreneurs how to locate the proper investor and obtain the funds they require. Experienced investors and successful entrepreneurs share their ideas on planning, preparing and presenting your pitch. This podcast's discussions are intended to assist startup founders in increasing their prospects of receiving investor backing.

Why you should listen:

This podcast's discussions are intended to help startup founders increase their prospects of obtaining funding.

  1. Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast

The fundamental subject of this episode is that founders may exploit infinite chances to develop their firm with the appropriate sales and marketing approach. "Limitless" seeks to teach listeners from a variety of sales and marketing professionals and influencers.

Why you should listen:

Glean valuable tips on negotiating, closing business transactions and creating more leads. Get answers to your sales and marketing questions and adjust your tactics accordingly.

  1. My Daily Business Coach

Startup entrepreneurs may get the inspiration, knowledge, productivity hacks, and motivation they need to establish a business from the ground up on the "My Daily Business Coach" podcast.

Why you should listen:

This podcast features business counseling, interviews with successful company owners and actionable ideas and tactics for expanding your business without compounding your stress.

  1. Entrepreneurs Talks with Founders Sharing Their Real Startup Stories

This one-of-a-kind podcast features interviews with thought leaders from various fields, including athletes, influencers and visionaries. The show's goal is to encourage entrepreneurs by sharing their own startup experiences and giving pointers on selecting a solid business concept, planning and launching a firm, marketing and product validation, obtaining funding and developing their business.

Why you should listen:

Learn new methods to engage with other entrepreneurs and community leaders.

  1. Inside Intercom

Try the "Inside Intercom" podcast if you're searching for ways to enhance your overall business and boost your team's efficiency. The podcast focuses on sharing the concepts and strategies needed to establish a brand and running smoothly at each step of the startup process.

Why you should listen:

Learn from experts in product management, design, startups and marketing as they talk about the obstacles they experienced as young entrepreneurs and how they overcame them.

  1. Built to Sell Radio

The podcast "Built to Sell Radio" features conversations with entrepreneurs and company owners who have opted to sell their businesses. Listeners will learn what they did well as well as where they went wrong. 

Why you should listen:

Get guidance on the best methods for quitting a firm so you can make educated financial decisions.

  1. Spend Culture

Interactions with experienced CFOs on "Spend Culture" give essential insights into the most effective tools for the profession, which may assist finance leaders to stay on top of the field.

Why you should listen:

Guests provide advice on a range of subjects, such as choosing the proper software or team and effectively managing funds.

  1. Forward Thinking Founders

In the "Forward Thinking Founders" podcast, early-stage company founders are asked about their startup and entrepreneurial journeys. Their product development achievements and failures and the tactics that sustain their company's viability are discussed. 

Why you should listen:

Innovators, authors, artists and thought leaders from many disciplines are featured on this podcast.

  1. The Full Ratchet

The podcast "The Full Ratchet" features interviews with venture capitalists, angel investors and other possible investors. The discussions are intended to shed light on how investors choose which next-generation businesses to support.

Why you should listen:

Entrepreneurs will gain critical insight into what investors want in a business and what motivates them to invest.

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