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Why do some businesses overlook the importance of customer reviews?

Posted by Shivali Anand

February 4, 2022    |     4-minute read (727 words)

Social proof, a psychological phenomenon in which people tend to copy the actions of others in social settings, can potentially make or break an e-commerce or retail company. Positive reviews are likely to pique potential customers' curiosity and move sales in the right direction, because your business is on the "right" side of social proof.

Reviews and testimonials reassure potential customers of your company’s trustworthiness and the integrity of its services or goods. When given the option, buyers are more inclined to buy from a business with reviews, assuming they believe they are reading frank remarks in an open forum.

Since customer reviews are vital for a business to build its reputation, be sure to regularly urge existing customers to post one. By virtue of your polite request, they will be much more motivated to write a review. Keep in mind that on the flip side, how you respond to a bad review speaks just as much about your company to a potential consumer as the review itself.

Remember that savvy shoppers seek personal recommendations. Customer testimonials and comments have the same impact as word-of-mouth recommendations; the difference is that they’re delivered in a digital manner.

Ignore customer feedback at your own peril

Online customer reviews are vital for SEO, especially for local firms. They also influence your potential customers' purchase decisions, mainly because they're doing more self-guided research these days. When determining whether to buy, they rely on the opinions of others via reviews.

How favorable reviews boost trust in your products/services:
  • The majority of buyers read internet reviews

    . According to a BrightLocal report, 87% of consumers check online reviews of local companies. In the same poll, 85% of respondents indicated they trust internet reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends.
  • Thanks to the internet, consumers can openly express their opinions.

    This can be very helpful to others contemplating a purchase from your business.
  • The volume of a business’s customer reviews is factored into search engine algorithms.

    That means SEO is linked with reviews. A high number suggests that your company is dependable. Positive customer reviews raise your search engine position.
  • Active social media users boost your business’s visibility.

    Consumers may write comments about companies and items they like or dislike on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Customer feedback is one of the most powerful methods for a business to build trust

    . There are no rules as to how many reviews you need, but you should have enough to provide customers with a clear picture of your products or services.

Eight pointers for encouraging customers to provide reviews

  • A dedicated website area or online pop-up. A basic, brief message inquiring about client satisfaction with the product or service should suffice. Customers do not want to fill out any time-consuming or difficult forms. You should simply ask for a few words. Do not ask for their name or phone number because it may be considered invasive.
  • Email surveys. Email surveys are an excellent method to ask existing consumers for input rather than a complete review. Make your subject line short and sweet so it doesn’t look like spam. 
  • Social media. These sites have evolved into effective customer care tools. Ask customers how they feel about your brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
  • Offer discounts or coupons. Think about providing customers a reason to leave a review. 
  • Add the name and photo of each customer who evaluates your product or service. This is an excellent method to appreciate consumers while giving their reviews more credence.
  • Personal notes. We all know that consumers who are happy with their experience are more inclined to submit a review, but it's even better if your firm provides them a cause to do so. Sending a thank you card or a modest gift is a simple way to express gratitude and encourage repeat business. 
  • Get in front of negative reviews. Always respond to unfavorable feedback. Examine the matter as soon as possible, and learn from the writers of such postings on how to improve the experience for others. Addressing the poor experience boosts your company's credibility as customer-focused.
  • Hold a contest. Running a contest on social media or your website to promote your business can generate leads and attention. Running competitions with customers regularly will help you acquire more attention and positive reviews.

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