Webinar: 12 key systems you need to scale

Webinar: 12 key systems you need to scale

Tuesday, 22 January 2019, at 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST

If you’re going to scale your company, you need the wisdom and experience you’ve developed to be accessible to everyone – fast! That means you need systems.​​​​​​​

You’ll learn what the output from each system should be and how to develop the inputs for consistent growth across the organization. Whether you’re the CEO, a Co-Founder, or a team member, this webinar will help your company scale-up quickly.

We’ll cover the following systems:
•Your Role
•Producing Value for Customers
•Marketing & Sales
•Future Changes Outside the Company
•Future Changes Within the Company
And then we’ll talk about how you can put this information to use right away.​​​​​​​

EGFS welcomes John Seiffer of CEO Boot Camp as our guest speaker for this webinar. John has been a entrepreneur since 1979. He’s been a coach and consultant to other entrepreneurs since 1994 when he helped found the International Coach Federation. He became President of the ICF in 1998 and it now numbers about 30,000 members world-wide. In 2007 John became an angel investor and was President of the Angel Investor Forum in Connecticut. He now lives in Pittsburgh where he works with companies in the scale-up stage through CEO Boot Camp.


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