Being a General Partner means balancing several important responsibilities, accounts, and various nonprofit organizations. Investor. Salesperson. Manager. Fund Administrator. But do you have the necessary time and requisite experience to accurately address the unique accounting, reporting and compliance work that comes with managing a fund?

The fund accounting practice at EGFS combines decades of experience in helping General Partners of $100MM (or less) funds address the monthly accounting, reporting, deal management, LP communications, and software solution vetting issues.

Fund Accounting and Administration Services

Monthly Accounting

  • Traditional Venture Fund-Level Statements
  • Produce Schedule of Investments (FAS 157 / ASC 820)
  • Portco Accounting

Deal Management

  • Implement/Manage the process to vet prospective investments
  • Diligence process tracking for prospective deals

LP Relations

  • Determine/Manage capital calls
  • Manage LP relationships
  • Manage distributions
  • Implement/Manage LP portal

Portfolio Management Software for Organizations

  • Vet/Implement/Manage portfolio management solution
  • Will build out “single view” portco dashboard
  • Prepare quarterly valuations

Additional Accounting Support for Organizations

  • Annual Audit Preparation/Management
  • Tax work at the fund and portco level

Public & Nonprofit Portfolio Company & Administration Valuations

  • Create Proprietary Algorithms
  • Quarterly Reports to LPs

Let EGFS Manage Your Fund’s Accounting and Compliance

EGFS can take the finance and accounting load off of your shoulders, so you can focus on building out a strong, growing fund. To learn more about the best fund administration, deal management, and monthly accounting services, call EGFS today!

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